As an Adult, What Kids' TV Do You Enjoy Watching?

I genuinely love watching Bluey each day with my daughter, especially with the start of season 3. I'd probably watch it even if she weren't around.

This got me thinking, what kids' TV/movies do you love watching as an adult?


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    The Wild Thornberrys (2004) without a doubt should be on here, some others I remember as a kid
    Mortified (2006)
    Blue Water High (2005)
    Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids (2000)
    Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008)
    Mr Bean cartoon (2002)
    The Magic school Bus (1997)
    George Shrinks (2000)
    Pingu (1990)
    One piece (1997-)
    Cyberchase (2002)
    Bear in the Big Blue house (2002)
    Arthur (1996-)

    • Cyberchase is suprisingly well made.

      WIld Thornberry's was great forgot about it but I suspect i would still enjoy it.

    • Check out Oscars Oasis as well, Netflix.

  • Avatar the last air bender. Not the movie!

  • Adventure time.

  • One piece (before they got to sky island)…it got more mature contents after that

    Ben and Holly's little kingdom; bluey; hey duggie?;

    and for the wholesome one for kids, maybe " playschool"?

  • Anything ABC Kids. Our TV is only ever on that channel when the kids are allowed screen time.

    I pretty much like all the shows except

    Nella the Princess Knight
    PJ Masks
    Peppa Pig

    Those four are not fun to watch.

  • Adventure Time
    SpongeBob SquarePants
    Horrible Histories

  • Star Trek Prodigy

  • Bluey
    Total dramarama
    Little lunch

  • All this week my morning tea break has been ducking out of the office with my coffee and watching the new Bluey on iView.

  • Recess on Youtube

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  • ……

    • good anime.

  • SWAT Kats …. That intro music is still awesome

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    Grizzy and the lemmings

    • Ahhh Grizzy, kids loves that show. Not bad!

  • Peppa pig.

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    Teen Titans Go! - Its obviously written by a fellow Gen X'er - so many 80s references in it and its hilarious. Love it

  • Haven't kept up with recent kids tv but:. Not sure how young you mean by kids. But shows below are for mid primary to high school kids.

    -Arthur (It amazes me how enjoyable it is to still watch as an adult)
    -Avatar the last airbender. (TV series - not movie!!)
    -Studio Ghibli Films (Some like the Wind Rises are adult films)
    -Most Pixar films.
    -Pokemon/Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon/Yugioh
    -Shonen Anime
    -Strange Days at Black Holsey High

    A couple of shows which used to be on ABC kids which were suprisingly entertaining for kids show. (WOuld be suitable for early primary school/pre primary)
    -Fly tales (
    -Big knights (

    I used to love power rangers and captain planet as a kid but when I rewatched some episodes on youtube a few years ago it really doesn't have any adult appeal and made me appreciate the quality with story line/character development in many current tv shoes. I can turn on ABC kids/ME these days and usually whatever is on would reasonably entertaining. Availability of streaming has meant I stop watching ABC kids LOL.

  • Bluey all damn day! Bloody great

  • So many!

    Bluey! (ABC)
    The Dragon Prince (Netflix)
    Teen Titans Go! (Netflix)
    The Amazing World of Gumball
    Adventure Time
    Round the Twist (ABC - from my youth but my kids love it)
    Kulipari (Netflix)
    Craig of the Creek (Netflix)

    With 3 kids and the crazy lockdown in Victoria, there were a number of shows we were watching together. I could probably start another list of the kids shows I loathe that the kids like, but alas, that's another thread!

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    "Teen Titans" with the constant 80's cartoon references and adult type jokes.

    I'll be in the kitchen laughing and the kids will look over with puzzled looks on their faces. Very clever writing clearly pitched at two distinct audiences.

  • Ben and Holly

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  • Julia Donaldson stuff on ABC. Snail and the Whale, Zog, Room on the broom,etc.

    Bluey is good too for teaching kids stuff, but sometimes bluey hits hard too LOL

  • I agree totally OP - my TV is often on ABC Kids, and I find even when I wake up for an early start and no one else is up, I often leave it on that whilst eating breakfast etc.
    Especially Bluey - what a great Aussie creation.

    Also, in the evening once screen time is up and its time to get ready for bedtime routine, often a kids movie being streamed or DVD is part way through - but we always turn it off on schedule regardless (i.e. the ending to be seen the next day)…. but I sometimes come back and finish watching it later by myself (then rewind it back to where it was).

    I find it helps me understand and relate to know the shows/characters too.

  • TMNT

  • Bluey
    definitely, not only a show to for the kids. It is good for adults. There are so much to learn from parenting perspective for me.

  • Ren and

  • Simpsons and Futurama

  • Oscars Oasis on Netflix is surprisingly entertaining for adults. A modern take on Roadrunner. Also, Bluey of course… pretty solid. Takeaway is the best episide…. sad I even know that. And yes, I have a 7 year old.

  • Also recommend Little Lunch on Netflix by the ABC for kids 10 or younger.

  • I rotate through fads/phases.

    • Penguins of Madagascar cracks me up every episode.
    • King Fu Panda the TV series.
    • Teen Titans.
    • Adventure Time.

    I think part of the reason I enjoy cartoons and animations a lot more as a teenager and adult is there was nothing good to watch on free to air TV in the 80's. It was constantly boring reruns of 70's cartoons. Eg. Roger Ramjet, Popeye, Flintstones, Jetsons, Wacky Racers

    There was no internet and Pay TV required installing a satellite dish. That meant kids were held hostage by the TV stations. When I say constant reruns it was so bad I could memorise the lines to episodes of Roger Ramjet.

  • OP would be glad to see this:

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