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Klipsch SPL-100 Subwoofer $790 Delivered @ Klappav (Delivered to Most Areas @ Videopro (Expired))


Ok so I know klipsch are not known for their subwoofers however a discount is a discount right?

Klappav and Videopro have the spl-100 for $790, most other places will have these for $844 currently. Good for anyone running the same sub and wanting to go for 2 or more sub set up.

Rrp for these are $1299 so $790 is a good price if you already have one. If you don't then might want to consider shopping around for an svs.

Also note this is part of the klipsch trade in deal however checking out and paying is a non issue but whether they'll call you up and get you to send something in to them to trade I wouldnt know.

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  • Would you buy this or the 12" model? I thought bigger is better?. Can some one in the know explain whihc subbie is better?

    • Far too many variables to give you the answer you're after sorry… but I've heard 6.5" & 8" subs that have blown my mind so 'bigger is better' isn't always the case. YMMV.

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        "Gee I wish I had a smaller subwoofer", said no-one ever.

        • I've thought it a few times. I have a big genelec sub (7070a) and reasonably small genelec monitors (8030) and despite being almost faded to oblivion, there is a pretty clear disparity. It's not insurmountable, it's just probably overkill. Can't complain though, got the sub for like 1k off ebay (used)

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      Depends on your budget. I would get 2 smaller subs over one bigger sub though.

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    2 is always better

  • Does anyone know the shipping times with klappav? Are they pretty responsive to getting things sent out?

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