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Melbourne New Year Eve Celebration Zones Tickets @ Ticketek



Closing Date 12/12/2021
Draw Date 15/12/2021


Description Up to 8 Tickets to 1 of 4 Melbourne New Year Eve Celebration Zones
No. of Prizes 40000

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a
This is a free event, where you need to enter a ballot to be drawn on 15 December. You will have the opportunity to get 8 free tickets, if you win the ballot. There are 40,000 tickets only and you can enter 1 entry per zone/location.

Four free ticketed NYE Celebration Zones will be set-up across Melbourne’s CBD offering live music, entertainment, amenities, drone show (Docklands only) and both early evening and midnight fireworks displays.

To ensure fair access, tickets will be made available via a ticket ballot. The Melbourne New Year's Eve ticket ballot is free to enter and is your chance to claim up to 8 free tickets to a Celebration Zone in either Alexandra Gardens, Docklands, Flagstaff Gardens or Treasury Gardens. Select the Celebration Zone you wish to attend during registration.

Names will be drawn at random and those successful will be notified Wednesday 15 December via email with instructions on how to claim tickets for their selected Celebration Zone.

There is one ticket ballot for all Celebration Zones - please select which Celebration Zone you wish to attend during registration.

You will receive an email after registering for the ballot. Please note this is not a ticket - entering the ballot does not guarantee you a ticket.

Limit of 1 entry per person, per Celebration Zone. Those successful will have the option to claim up to 8 tickets for their chosen Celebration Zone.

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  • Shouldn't this be listed in the competition page instead?

  • could you sell the tickets?

  • This should be listed as a competition.

  • Competitions are not deals!

  • +1

    Competitions/ballots aren't deals.

    Plus, the 4th wave has already begun in Europe. If ANYONE thinks this is all over since vaccine rates and "opening up" are being marketed by SloMo (election is coming, so is your "freedom"), you're kidding yourself.

    You don't have to lock yourself away (like the extreme comment suggested above), but common sense in avoiding massive crowd events like this is still required.

    Or not. Darwin's Theory is still up for debate apparently.

    • +1

      Surely the purpose of the ballot is to ensure unstructured mass crowds will not be a feature at this year's New Year's events?

      • It's still 40,000… and don't call me Shirley :).

  • Thanks for the heads up OP. FREE, this is a great deal!!

  • +1

    Got tickets for Flagstaff Gardens, thanks OP.

  • +1

    I got selected for tickets at Docklands Celebration Zone. Unable to attend now due to family emergency. Let me know if you would like tickets. I can book and send to email once received.

    • +2

      Hey man - Can i have 2 tickets please

      • Hi Kitkat,

        Tickets came though today. If you send me your email address I will forward them to you. 😀

  • Do you still have the tickets Kac84?

    • +1

      I do still have the 2 tickets. No reply from Kitkat 😞

  • Do you mind sending them to me

  • If anyone has any docklands tickets, DM me please!

  • Hi kac84,
    Do you still have the tickets? My family really wants to go but we didn’t manage to get the tickets :((((

  • +2

    Tickets are gone guys - Sorry. Hope everyone manages to get some

  • Hi guys I’m so desperate for a single ticket to the Alexander grades nye ticket for a teenager that wants to come along with my daughter instead of her spending it alone in her room if anyone has a spare I would really appreciate it and just want to make her happy. If I knew she wanted to attended I would of got extras but just didn’t know at the time due to her family issues. If someone can help me out that is no longer attending it would make my day as a parent to make another child happy. Merry Xmas everyone and happy new year.

    • Hey I’ve got a spare ticket if you’re still after one

  • Hello all!!

    By any chance does anyone have FLAGSTAFF tickets which they don’t need?
    I’m looking for THREE for a friend and her 2 kids…

    Many thanks

  • +1

    I’ve got 8 tickets to Alexandra gardens that I don’t need. Dm if you want them!

    • Hello rb123,
      I’ve dm’ed you. Can you please check your inbox? Thank you so much

  • 5 tickets left!

    • Hi can I get the tickets?

  • Yes I’ve got 3 left. Dm me your email

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