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[PC, Steam] F1 2021 A$44.97 (Was A$89.95) @ Steam


Get your racing wheels ready! I believe this is the lowest price yet for the PC version in OZ. Sales ends Wednesday 1 Dec.

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    There's a few places you can buy this cheaper for PC, but I realize some prefer to only buy through Steam directly too:

    • That's a great site to keep tabs on. Cheers.

  • If you buy the F1 2021 + Need for Speed Heat bundle (assuming you already own Need for Speed Heat) it's cheaper. Also there must have been a pricing error earlier today because I bought this from Steam for $16.18!

  • Yeah I’m not sure what going on this morning but it was <$18…

    • https://i.imgur.com/m7OzU49.png

      says the same for me

      • Hmm its not showing for me. Why is there a earth icon, do you need a vpn?

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          The earth icon just shows what the regional equivalent is (in my case I have it set up to compare to USD and the percent difference), it's helpful to see if we're gouged on prices.

          I'm pretty sure it's $18 because it's giving a discount for owning other F1 titles because opening it up in incognito has its proper price

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