This was posted 5 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sonos Arc $1253 Delivered @ Qantas Store


Qantas store has 20% off right now

Best price for a Sonos arc for the past few months

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    After the September Sonos price bumps moved this to A$1500 RRP, I reluctantly admit this is an okay deal..

    • Why did this happen?

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        Supply constraints and increased cost of components that Sonos decided to pass onto consumers.

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    Actually bought one of these yesterday from the Qantas Store - didn't post as I wasn't sure if this was a deal given it was cheaper in the past. Did not know about the price bumps.

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    The Samsung Q950A is frankly the much better deal, but if you care about the product design or listen to lots of music you might be able to justify spending double for the sonos setup.

    • I'm waiting it to come down to under 1K

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      Pretty sure anyone who gets this just wants a single soundbar that looks good.

      • This

      • Agree.. OCD can't handle cables all over the place either.

    • which deal are you referring? TGG commercial, or something I've missed?

    • Or if you already have a bunch of other Sonos gear…..

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    Bought the LG SP11RA instead yesterday, couldn't justify the over $2500 I'd spend for the Sonos with the optional Sub and rear wireless speakers.

    • I think it’s more that you can grow your system or leave as is. Can’t do that with the lg. it’s a very expensive ecosystem. That kind of money would get better results from an actual stereo setup though.

      • I've got an actual 5.1 surround system though. We moved to a unit, and space is limited and the speakers have become an eyesore. They're gonna go to the office room while the SP11RA gets mated to the 65inch CX.
        When we do buy a house, plan on going all out with a sound system.

        • I ended up selling my Q850 and getting stereo speakers for my smaller room with my C9, what a difference good speakers make over tiny little soundbar speakers hey. Got the old 5.1 surround system for my spare room, stereo speakers for the family room.

          • @onlinepred: @onlinepred - what did you end up getting for the stereo speakers? If I don't like the SP11RA, It's JB, easy return.

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              @he11bent: I bought Klipsch the fives, of which were incredible hardware but I disliked the muddiness of the bass, and lack of high quality treble meant dialogue wasn't great. Sold them, then bought the Audioengine A5+, which I hated, then tried the HD6, which was great but had zero bass. Finally thought I would try the Edifier S3000pro, of which has blown my socks off, and am 110% happy with it over my Q850. Dialogue, stereo separation, bass, music, games, everything sounds incredible on it with no need to fiddle with it constantly. I only paid $530 for them which is what really gets me, less than 1/2 that of the Klipsch. They really do have more output and range than you would expect. Major downside is the remote control and no hdmi arc, but I rarely have to adjust it much anyway.

              • @onlinepred: Do you only have the two S3000pro? Or are you running them in a 5.1 setup?

                • @he11bent: No, to clarify I'm running the S3000pro in 2.0.

                  • @onlinepred: ahh fair enough. I want the full Dolby Atmos experience.
                    Also want the full surround with the PS5.

                    • @he11bent: Yea in my experience high quality stereo beats average 5.1 soundbars. I actually haven't fired up my tv room pioneer 5.1 system in a while which surprised me. I also use headphones when I'm using PS5 as I play with mates - need mic, but even when I'm playing solo I just love the versatility and precision of the edifiers, you can pin point sounds so freaking well and all dialogue/bass is perfectly levelled. Behind you isn't quite as accurate as the Q850 I had, but literally every other aspect is a huge jump up for every input I've thrown at it.
                      Given that you can't get atmos out of 5.1 anyway, it would be virtual atmos. Soundbars can't even really do 2.0 that well considering the location of the speakers, they are basically doing virtual 2.0 or virtual 5.1 or virtual atmos. I much prefer physical speakers.

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    Yeah nice price (currently) - any way I can get JB to match? I've got vouchers!

  • Will this pair well with the A80J I just bought or should I be going for the beam?

  • I have one under my A80J it works well, not as astounding as I was expecting (the Sony has good sound) but no complaints.
    I haven't tried it without the sub, or with the rears yet. (It is also not wall mounted yet so that may alter the sound since it is down low)
    The night mode and speech enhance modes "just work" as you would expect.
    TV seems good, movies sound good, the sub really works well, listening to music no issues.
    ARC connection appears to work correct passing Dolby modes to the sound bar.

  • Got the Arc + Sub + two Ones surround setup, my wallet hurts like a mofo. But, watched Dune recently on my 85'' Sony X9000H with it, man, Dolby Atmos rules! Then again, if you've never tried it, you wouldn't know what you've missed. Probably I'll never go back to cinema again. Highly recommended especially you already have a SONOS product.

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    Took a little persuading but got JB to match the $1241 Qantas price and used my discounted gift cards. So net cost to me $1055. Bargain!

    • Nice one!… Do you still have the receipt for it?
      I'd like to try this too.

    • Could you please DM me receipt . Would mean the world!

  • FYI,
    I bought this (in black) couple days ago with LG C1. The guy at HN was happy to sell it to me at $1280 and I paid with 7% cash back gift card so it's down to $1,190.

  • Local Jbhifi and TGG refused price match with quantas. Can someone share recipt? hide unrelated details, just price, product and date would be great

  • I rang the JB sales line and asked for a price match on the Qantas sale. $1199.20, a $299.80 discount off their current price.
    Not too bad for a few minutes work.

    • That's good as the Qantas price is $1241 not $1199!

    • Just tried this too but had no luck unfortunately. Maybe it depends on your area or who you get.

      I'm in the Altona, VIC area for reference.

      Guess I'll wait till boxing day sales maybe.

  • One part is done! Two parts still remain. Sub and One speakers deal is needed :)

  • Yaay .. finally ordered mine now from Jb price match. Thanks for the advice.

  • +1

    Got JB to match for $1241, then paid with The Home gift cards, final price $1061.

    • Same - probably unbeatable in the current climate

    • Can you pleaes share receipt? Would mean the wrold!

  • Man you guys are lucky. I tried 2 different JBs and sales line twice with no luck :(

  • Has anyone that actually ordered this from Qantas received it?

    Placed my order weeks ago, expected delivery at the time was Fri 3 December… no sign. Status is "processing" when I look up the order. Have spoken to customer support and they say they will follow up with the warehouse, whatever that means.

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