Install Win10 X64 UEFI SSD + HDD

Hardware for this discussion:
ACER Laptop UEFI Capable - Intel i7 - 8GB RAM - 24GB SSD - ManyGB HDD - USB3 & 2 Ports - no other internal drives

I'm assuming that UEFI be enabled in the BIOS and both drives should be GPT format and Windows should be installed on the SSD leaving the HDD for all data by redirecting major usage library folders from C: to the HDD - downloads, music, photos, working folders etc.

Problem. The SSD is only 24GB and Win10 Pro X64 only just fits with a standard install. I have a few lappy SATA drives essentially 320, 500 and 750GB so no problem there. I'm aware of formatting, boot bits and finding stray data bits that have come loose inside HDD cases :-)

Am I on the right track here? I'm assuming that for best performance I'm needing a larger SSD than the fitted KINGSTON24 or what can I do to still use it for best performance. Will moving the swap file and deleting the hibefil.sys (via ctrpnl) be beneficial?

I'm not a novice but e&oe should be ignored :-)


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    A larger SSD will be necessary. After the initial install, Windows automatically downloads patches which take up even more space.

    If you really want to save, you could install Windows on a HDD and put the swapfile on the SSD.

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    If your chipset is on the supported list for Intel RST
    Then you are better off using the SSD as a cache via SRT

  • Thank you guys looking into the RST, in the interim I'll move the swapfile to the SSD.

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