Are compact air purifiers worth it?

I'm pretty much looking for an air purifier for my room (about 2.5m x 3m id say). I'm not sure whether to get a compact air purifier to put on a desk or whether to get a full size one. Would the smaller one do the job? Which one should I get (looking to spend below $200)?



  • I'm skeptical about them overall, but wife says it helps reduce her dust allergies/sneezing.

    They should all have specs on what size room they can be effective in (CADR). Eg

    • yeah i mainly need it to reduce odour and dust. Thanks

  • +1

    One issue I found when researching what to buy is that manufacturers routinely only advertise the CADR of the highest and most loud setting. That setting is usually too loud for most people, so what you actually want to find out is for each setting: the dB and CADR.

    • yeah that sounds like something manufacturers would do lol. thanks for the heads up

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