Any BF Deal for Herman Miller? Aeron?

I am wondering if there is any deal for Aeron? with Living edge?

Will choose one between Aeron and Steelcase's gesture/leap.


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    I've been looking as well. Looks like livingedges only black Friday deal so far is free shipping. Very underwhelming.

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      Not surprised. WFH gear (and tax claims) like office chairs sold like hot cakes this year No incentive to discount.

  • Steelcase has 25% discount on Leap (and other chairs) since last week. Nor sure about HM.

  • Living edge doesn't even have stock of aerons to sell at full price let alone trying to decrease the price and increase demand even more.

    I've put off buying these for 10 years because I am too cheap but I think I'm considering buying one now.

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