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Next-Gen SVPN US$5.92/Month Lifetime Discount (~A$8/Month) @ OECK (New Customers)


Alternatively, please use coupon code OzBargainBlackFridayYear for yearly pricing.

Hi everyone,

We are offering our monthly VPN for 40% off for the lifetime you keep the VPN subscription active. You can cancel at any time which allows you to control the duration of your subscription whilst still giving you the discount. If/When you cancel the subscription, the coupon will no longer give you the special pricing.

OzBargain Pricing with Coupon: $5.92 USD per month.

First 150 New Customers Only.

We run a different type of VPN service, so please read about our Features to get an idea of how our service works.

To claim, sign up to Oeck and then go to your subscription page and add the coupon. Then just click purchase.

The offer ends on Saturday or once the 150th sale is made.

We also offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

As usual, I will be here to answer any questions as quickly as possible.

Peter @ Oeck.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • You'll need price in title for your post mate.

    • +1

      Hi BoundedRationality,

      Thanks for picking that up. Title now reflects the offer accordingly.

      Have a great night :)

      Peter @ Oeck.

  • So ~$au 8.25/mth at current exchange rate. Could go up,. could go down. Pretty pricey for most people.

    Can we get yearly pricing? A monthly random exchange rate isn't very appealing

    • Hi M00Cow,

      Our pricing is priced according to the service we offer. We don't have "addons" available for purchase. All of our features are included within the subscription. We offer residential IP addresses on our proxy network to unblock most major streaming services. We also own ALL of our own hardware ( RAM-only VPN servers. We even own the routers we use in the datacentre ). We are very privacy minded.

      We also offer other features which are costly to run for our customers. These include;

      Streaming Automation - Connect to the VPN region nearest to your location and still access content from overseas streaming services. We take away the need for you to jump around VPN regions. You can also set regions for specific streaming services. For example you can set your Netflix region independently - similar to how a smartDNS service works. This means no more searching for the "right" server to connect to. Just connect to the VPN and we take care of the rest.

      Device Profiles - You can have up to 100. Each profile allows you to have unique settings for when you log in. For example, you can have one for your computer, another for your iPad, another for your partner, another for your child, etc.

      Advanced Port Forwarding - You no longer need to keep track of IP addresses or configure your software to work with the VPN ports you are given. Just tell us which port to forward to and which device profile and it's done.

      For example, if you set up a web server on your computer and enable port forwarding, regardless of which VPN server you ever connect to ( any server, any region ), to access your web server you would go to username-mydevice.oeck.me:portNumber - It stays the same :)

      Ad, Malware, Social Network and Adult blocker - You can pick and choose which ( if any ) of the blockers you want enabled for each device profile. This allows you to turn on Adult blocking for children's devices but keep yours open. It is also very extensive and does a good job of blocking most ad, tracker and malware domains.

      Custom filter - You can take the blockers even further by adding your own domain block-list on a per-device level. This gives you complete control over each and every device. This is very powerful and is easily built on.

      Custom DNS - You can set your DNS on a per-device level. You can choose for the VPN to give you complete control to your DNS, or set your DNS and still allow the VPN to take control over certain domains in order for the channels and blocking to still work. This means you can even use your own DNS if you wanted to.

      There are other VPN services who are cheaper and bring less to the table for their customers. Depending on your wants and needs, you can choose which VPN service is best for you.

      Peter @ Oeck.

    • Sure, I will add it for yearly too :)

      • Cheers, let us know when it's active.

        I did some speed.tests.Your Oz servers are nice and quick, but Seattle.is appalling (14 down, 22 up), London was acceptable (35 down, 14 up). Where as Nord is Seattle (75, 15), LA (82,22) & Lon (85/17).

        I realise Nord offers a different/lesser VPN service, but are there any plans on expanding sites, bandwidth?

        • Hi M00Cow,

          It is active now. If you use the coupon code OzBargainBlackFridayYear it will apply it to the yearly subscription.

          You will need to mix and match your settings in order to find the best speed you can get with Oeck. Each configuration is set up differently as people have different network setups, ISPs, etc. Try connecting with the following;

          AES -128 - UDP
          AES - 256 - UDP
          AES - 128 - TCP
          AES - 256 - TCP

          Each of those will give you different speeds. You may also want to try using a different app to connect to Oeck with to see if that helps. Also ensure the server on speedtest.net that it is connecting to is in the same city as the VPN exit node.

          Additionally, it depends how your ISP routes traffic to where our servers are located. I know the technical side doesn't really matter as the speed will be what it is, but that's just a little bit of extra information to keep in mind.

          Our bandwidth usage is available to see on our website. We are nowhere near the point of where we need to purchase more as it is not being used.

          Another note - NordVPN also use Wireguard. Oeck does not yet offer Wireguard. If you are comparing speeds with that protocol we won't be able to come close, as it is not a bandwidth issue, but rather the protocol itself.

          I get 185Mbps using Oeck ( I'm with Launtel ). I did see an ABB customer run a speed test and get 250Mbps the other day.

          Try what I suggested and see how you go. I would be interested to know :)

          Peter @ Oeck.

  • I signed up, but am underwhelmed. No native app for MacOS Big Sur or Monterey. No smartDNS to make use with smartTVs easier.
    I'm not convinced the product on offer is worth the premium price, even at a discount, but will see what the developers say first.

    • +1

      Hi dmacw,

      I replied to your ticket. However, I will also reply here for the information to be public.

      We don't offer smartDNS as we are a primarily a privacy service. Offering smartDNS would require us to log our users IP address which is something we don't do. If you are looking for unblocking alone and don't care for the privacy, I would suggest a smartDNS service. If you want to buy Australian, dns4me.net is a good option.

      As far as the apps go - https://passepartoutvpn.app/

      We have recently teamed up with Passepartout which is a premium app. However, Oeck customers are able to use it with Oeck for free. Please feel free to try it out. The app is very well made. We will be updating the website accordingly over the next week or so.

      Peter @ Oeck.

      • Thanks Peter. As I said, I'm giving it a go, as the speeds seem good.
        Just expect, at this price point, to see slick iOS and macOS apps, and probably smartDNS thrown in. (eg NordVPN)

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