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[XB1] Forza Horizon 4 $29 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


For people prefer a disc copy to collect, looks like a low price. YES, game pass blar blar….

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Good price. Currently it's also about $33AUD digitally on the Microsoft/Xbox/Steam Store's. If you buy it on the Xbox or Microsoft Store digitally, you can play on PC or Xbox with the one license.

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    If you don't need physical disc much better deal to buy digitally on Xbox store with all the expansions for ~$52.

  • Is this worth buying now? i was going to get the ultimate pack for PC but I dont really know if they just lock everything down now the new game is and you're just grinding nothing.

    • This is for people collect/prefer physical copy. For digital just buy the ultimate version plus the hotwheel DLC and treasure map, I think that's the whole lot for FH4. should be cheaper closed to EOL if you are not going to play any time soon.

  • Yeh they’ll eventually delist this on the store so nice to be able to have this for good. I don’t know if anything will come from delisting the games for physical collectors, but it’d be nice to know these are rare.

    • If it’s delisted you are no longer able to buy it but still can download and play it.

      But i agree with DD you are at the mercy of the provider making the content available (eg. Sony shutting down legacy digital stores - is Nintendo next?).

      For digital copies you are really only buying a license to use. You could say this is the case for a physical copy too but at least it’s perpetual.

      • Yeh, take for example for the gta trilogy. You can’t purchase the games on the ps4 or ps5 console of the older version which are superior, thus forcing you to buy the new version, so the older ps2-PS3 versions are the only way to play them now, which I foresee a lot of companies do if they are dealing with limited licences.

        Every game is not 100% yours but it’s nice to know you aren’t at the “mercy” (although there are probably other ways to stop you) of the companies for games.

        • I’ve heard an issue is the licensing of composed or recorded music in older games which loose their “right to use”. Hence delisting.

          But i agree it’s probably a conspiracy to make you buy a copy again on a newer platform if you want to play it. Problem is not all games get ported to the newer consoles.

      • Given Microsoft's stance on backwards compatibility, they seem to be the lesser of however many evils there are when it comes to letting you play old games on new machines.

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