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[Oculus] Up to 48% off Game Bundle Packs, The Climb Pack $56.69, Superhot VR $27.60 & More @ Oculus Store


For all those who have the Quest 2 from the recent deal, now's your time to cash in on the Black Friday game sales on Oculus store.

For those with credits from the referral system, you'll have to purchase in AUD. However, if you need to use cash, don't forget to use a Canadian VPN to get prices even lower than the AUD prices!

For the newcomers to Quest - check out the bundles as they include some must haves!

  • My personal favourite is Synth Riders @ 40% off for $22.99 - for the music / rhythm game lovers - it's this generation's DDR

  • I recommend the Climb Pack (The Climb and The Climb 2) - 29% off @ $56.69 AUD

  • For FPS players - Signature Quest Pack (Population: One and Onward) - 39% off @ $52.44 AUD

Don't forget to use the referral system if you are buying a quest for the first time!

Referral Links

Referral: random (249)

$47 in Oculus Store Credit for referrer and referee.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • How's the screen door effect on Q2?

    • +2

      Practically non-existent.

      • I should have elaborated a little, I previously had the Rift S on a 2070s/3700x PC and was pretty underwhelmed by it. I recall the screen door being particularly annoying so I guess the question should have been how is it in comparison to Rift S?

        • +1

          It's a significant improvement on any headset with any form of noticeable screen door effect. I can't say I have ever noticed any at all - like I said, it's essentially non-existent.

        • I do not need glasses at all. There is the TINIEST bit of screen door effect if you are looking at large white bright areas. But other than that it does not exist at all

  • +1

    Canadian VPN

    Surely there’s a cheaper region.

    • Surely, but any chance they could block our account for doing so?

      • +1

        I've bought about half from Canada and the other from Australia, only bought in Australia as they kept giving free credit. Have even refunded a Canadian one and no issues so far.

    • Lol, not always I got the bundle for onward and population, it came out to be more than Aud.

  • Awesome, thanks. Any recommendations?

    • Depends on what you are into, the usual highly rated game are Superhot, Pistol Whip, and Synth Riders if you are into more active games. Moss is a great platfomer game if you are into something with less movement. For realism my personal favourite is Real VR Fishing (particularly the stages with rain) and I have a love/hate relationship with The Climb/The Climb 2 (heart pounding and beautiful).

  • Nice, thanks. I grabbed Synth Riders for $8.99 using a $14 credit I was wondering what to do with. Oculus keep giving them to me for some reason.

    I was surprised it worked. In the past I've always got an error when trying to use the $14 credits on sale items

    • whats the trick to get credit?

      • I don't know. I think it's to entice me back because I rarely buy anything or use my Quest 2 much :)

  • +3

    Walkabout Mini Golf is a must have. Incredible value at $13.99

    • +1

      I saw that and wondered what it was like, will check it out. Must say the <2 hour refund thing is good. I realise it's pretty common with digital game stores nowadays but it feels especially important for VR.

      • that trial only valid first time? ie if you refund then next day buy again you cant refund 2nd time ?

        • +1

          I'd be amazed if you could do it again.

    • +1

      Also CAD9.99 or ~AUD10.98 if going the canadian vpn route

      • Yes, great price if you're not using Oculus credit!

  • $35 Walking dead S&S on the Canadian VPN is insane… Think I might purchase it.

    • If the Steam version works on the Quest 2, it's only $31.32 on Steam.

      • It does, but I'm not sure extra graphics is worth the ease of use upgrade…. Decisions…. lol

  • Please explain how to buy games using canadian vpn

    • Connect PC or Phone to a Canadian IP… purchase game. Then just download as normal on the Quest.

      • thank you.

        • +1

          Check the prices though. Some games were cheaper from Aus. Five Nights and Freddies and Sam & Max spring to mind

          • @chromium: lol just tried this myself but not sure if its swapped to USD - i put argentina to test it

  • I'm hearing great things about Lone Echo so am going to grab it. It's only on the Rift section of the Oculus store though, but will play on Quest 2 BUT you do need a PC to do so, using link cable or Airlink.

  • silly question but with all the games etc can you use any VPN to buy them cheap?

    EPIC store and Steam i normally purchase from russia or argentina

  • Can someone help me with a dumb question? Bought a Quest 2 from the recent deal, it's arrived but I'm currently away for work so haven't been able to activate it or attempt to use the $50 referral deal. Can I create an account or link my FB account now to purchase from the Oculus store while these deals are on, or will this mean that I won't then be able to use a referral code when I'm finally able to activate the Quest 2, meaning I'd miss out on the $50 voucher?

    • It takes 90 days to get the voucher mate I believe so no rush

      • Not sure that quite answers my question. I'm just concerned that if I make an account now without having entered any referral codes from other users, that I may miss the opportunity to do so at a later date, meaning I'd miss the opportunity to get a $50 voucher at all. But I want to be able to buy some of the current games on sale before the sale ends, so I need to make an account. Any thoughts? :)

        • +1

          I don’t think it says anywhere about it being new users, might be wrong.

          Certainly seems to only talk about new hardware here (US site):

          I think the point of the referral program is all about new hardware. So the moment the hardware is activated the referral is complete, regardless of what you do with an account previously and even whether you’ve had another headset before.

          That’s my interpretation, I certainly do not know definitively.

      • +1

        If you have used a referral you get that in your account straight away once the Oculus is activated. The Referrer though doesnt get their credit straight away. I thought it was 30 days as that is how long you have to remain friends on FB for after the person who purchased has activated. maybe it is 90 days as I have never had the opportunity to be the referrer but I have been the recipient and I got it within 15 mins of activating

        Monkeyman Im not sure in your case. You get the referral credit as soon as you activate the headset

  • +1

    Daily deal is Walking dead Saints and Sinners but its a measly discount. Apart from using a Canadian VPN does it every get cheaper ?

    • yeah I am wondering if someone does anything fancy or Even download a bunch of games

      • OK fired up the VPN and connected to a Canadian Portal connect to Oculus website and the price was $32 CA which equates to $35

  • not expired yet

  • omg synth rider, virtual desktop are only aud 18.xx with CAD vpn.. cant resist

  • +1

    Maybe this thread is dead now, but I just found via the Quest 2 browser. It's basically free Beat Saber with thousands of songs (known ones too).

    I'm sure all those that've had a Quest 2 for a while know about it, but as someone that got it 2 weeks ago, this had slipped through the net until now.

    • +1


    • +1

      Wow thanks, lucky haven't bought beat saber

  • Hey folks, I just noticed that Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is today's deal and %18 off at $40.94

    Just snaffled it.

    Couldn't be bothered to faff with VPN, so my sincere apologies as I know this is a borderline OzBargain cardinal sin. Please forgive me.

    • Only $9 cheaper than norm

      Vpn is 35% off so definitely worth the effort
      Vs 18% off without vpn

      • 35% wow, OK I seriously didn't think there'd be much difference. I'm compared AUD and CAD earlier today and it was 50c less!
        Lesson learnt there then!!

        • Yup cad 30 or aud 33 nett

        • Yeah sometimes it's only a $1 or so

          You can refund it and repurchase if you can be bothered to save $10 lol

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