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Up to 50% off Mountain Bikes, Camping Tents, Treadmills & Scooters + Free Click & Collect @ Decathlon


Save up to 50% Off at Decathlon Australia on your sports gear. Free shipping for orders above $80 (excludes bulky orders) + 365 days lifetime warranty + $20 for new member signing up.

Air Seconds 4.2 Fresh and Black Camping Tent - 4 Person - $799 (Save $500)

Foldable PowertrainTreadmill - $699.50
(Save $699.50)

Rockrider STO 100 MTB - $499 (Save $100)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Decathlon Australia
Decathlon Australia

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    I think this is better deal, consider your mountain bike has no break disk.

  • TBH the inflatable tent looks like more work to setup than a standard pole tent. I don't understand the value in this?

    • I've got the smaller version, and to be honest it's pretty quick, looks goofy af though.

      • Did you get it specifically for easier setup? Or something else? (But a small tent is generally always quick(er) to set up)

        • Wanted a tent with an enclosed annex in an easy package that was fast to setup. I find it usually goes up in about 5-10 minutes. It's 4 pegs on the corners, about a minute or so with the pump and then about 9 guy ropes if i remember right.

          • @Rorzaborg: If I see an air tent being set up goofy style out in the field I'll risk it and say hi.

            • @fantombloo: Haha please do, it wouldn't be the first time it's started a conversation!

  • Cannot find the warranty term for the treadmill. Can anyone please recommand?

  • +2

    "Rockrider STO 100 MTB(decathlon.com.au) - $499 (Save $100)"

    Pretty sure i paid <$400 for this bike for my son last year. Were they ever $599?

  • Some pop up tents were around $70 this year but now listed as $128 or so.

  • And the mid5 scooter is half rrp.
    Was $125. On standard sale for $99. Now $62.50.


    It gets two thumbs up from my scooter test pilot.

    $12 more than the aldi unavailable big wheel scooter, smaller wheels, but has a hand brake.

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