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[Little Birdie, Switch] Luigi's Mansion 3 $39 + More Nintendo Games @ Big W (Combank App Required)


Little birdie coupon link seems to be working . Just sign up for an account, login on an incognito window and then redeem the coupon from this link

Luigi's Mansion 3

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - $49

New Pokémon Snap - $49

Mario Party Superstars - $44

Monster Hunter Rise - $49

WarioWare: Get It Together! - $34

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - $49

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - $49

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - $39

Original deal - $20 off $50 Spend at BIG W @ CBA x Little Birdie

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Little Birdie
Little Birdie

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    • Me too, let me know if you find a fix.

    • -1

      do you have an account and are logged in?

      • Yes - opening in an incognito tab while logged in didn't work either.

    • Same here. Let me know if you work it out but looks like it might be targeted?

  • Yup redirects to main page here too

  • -1

    Try incognito window and make sure you are logged in on Little birdie before opening link

    • Tried incognito with and without logged in
      Still redirects

    • You'll need the Little Birdie URL with the WTID (Web Tracking ID) on the end to redirect correctly.

      • How do you get that?

        • URL is from the 'For You' section of the CommBank app.

          • @RichardL: Ok. So still targeted? Unobtainable for non-Commonwealth customers?

          • -1

            @RichardL: I only have $25 off $60 spend at Ozsale in there. Assuming it is targeted?

  • Misleading. This is just the CBA X little birdie deal

  • +5

    Are you sure u can use the $20 voucher for games? I tried Pokémon Brilliant Diamond for Switch last nite and it won’t let me input the voucher. The “workaround” was to add $20 of other stuff to get it to discount by $20. I basically bought 4 reams of Reflex paper for $5/ream (which worked out to be free after the $20 voucher applied).

    And also got the Shopback cashback of 12%

    Also, try this direct link:


    The voucher expires on today from memory.

    • Thank YOU

    • Can confirm you can use the voucher on games. I just bought smtV only using the voucher and picked up yesterday. What i wonder though my partner didnt have the offer on her CBA "for you" which is weird.

  • +3

    PS: for those complaining about the link, a user has posted their link in the Google Nest Hub Deal Post

  • Doesn't work on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or shining pearl

    • As per my previous comment:

      I'm assuming this was due to the Little Birdie Promo starting while Pokemon was still in pre-orders.

      Code doesn't work on Pre-orders.

    • See my comment above.

  • +10












  • It works! Final call!

  • Thanks op, this is great.

  • Wish I hadn’t already bought Luigi’s Mansion this morning 😭

  • Now I wonder if the bigw cashrewards cashback can be stacked with this workaround.

    • surely not as it is a 'promo code'

  • you mean we can get more than 1 coupon?

  • Thanks OP! Bought The Legend of Zelda!

  • +1

    Worked for me. Grabbed Hot Wheels unleashed for switch and a set of wireless headphones on one order and Just Dance 2022 for switch and some of those yummy dondoletti choc wafer stick on another order. Not bad for $85 odd

  • Thanks OP! Just bought Mario Party Superstars!

    • same grabbed mario party superstars!!

  • Anyone have a code to spare?

    • Deals is over i believe

      • Ah just missed it.

  • +2

    THANK YOU! I just got Metroid Dread for $44, and I can't wait to play it!

  • that was sure a rush….

  • Has anyone had their order confirmed for pickup from orders after this was posted? Mine is still awaiting processing.

    • Was about to post the same. I think they are holding all little birdie orders especially if more than one code was used. Expecting cancellation 😞.

      • I used it on 2 separate accounts just in case they clued on. Im hoping its a case they are just busy with black Friday weekend stuff. But as you say maybe they are looking through them for payment made without a CBA card.

        • +1

          I just got the text, order ready

      • Got one notification saying an order is ready. Oddly order still saying awaiting processing but when you click in it says ready for pickup. Still waiting on the other one.

        • Both my orders were good and picked up this arvo.

    • Got the message to pick up in 24 hrs after order and picked up two games in different stores.

  • Got my message today to pick up. Thanks @Pricebeat!

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