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[PC, Steam] CyberPunk 2077 50% off - $44.97 @ Steam


So I was sure someone would have posted this but I searched and nothing came up.
Its the cheapest it’s been on steam, as I’ve been waiting for the 50% price point to buy.

Yes I know GOG and/or russian VPN has been cheaper but I prefer steam because it’s just nicer to use in my opinion.

Either way started playing it and it’s pretty enjoyable.

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    Decimal point 1 to the left and I'm in. ~$4.49

    • Likes to the moon

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    Despite all the hate this game got I absolutely loved it.

  • Got the physical ps4 pre-owned copy at ebgames for $28, so I’m a bit surprised this isn’t cheaper

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      Probably because the PC version is actually playable 😂

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    I bought it from GOG near launch and wasn't really that disappointed. still play log in occasionally

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      You shouldn't neg a deal if you don't understand.

      CDkeys is not a Steam copy, you can only buy the Steam copy from Steam itself.

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    I actually like to play this but was hoping to get a better deal, usually it is in the $30s range with previous deals (Amazon AU = https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/661226) , also I prefer GOG instead of Steam

    GOG sells for $44.97 as well = https://www.gog.com/game/cyberpunk_2077

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      But its not Steam…. "sigh"

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      As I said in another comment, that isn't the Steam copy… You can only buy it from Steam itself.

  • Sadly I bought this game at launch full price, can say I enjoyed the 20 hours or so before I dropped it.

    I recommend installing the game on m2.nvme ssd or at least Sata ssd.

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    Do people actually want to pay extra for extra DRM?

    • yeah, that baffles me too. I don't even has GOG GALAXY as a launcher, just downloading setup files.

    • What difference does the fact it is DRM’ed make?
      You install it, it plays, it auto updates.

      • if you lose the account, you will lose the game

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    for those who are okay with a key


    26.53, i don't believe it's the historical low, but for someone waiting to pull the trigger

    • Is this a steam key?

    • +1

      Thanks for that. What I was looking for.

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