My Lenovo Thinkpad 2 E15 Gen 2 has had a failed motherboard twice (repaired), now won't boot properly. 11.5 months in warranty

Follow up from this thread.

I bought my laptop on December 2020. I noticed some blue (WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR) screens 1-5x a day in about May-ish but didn't bother too much as I though it would go away. Suddenly, the power cable was not charging the laptop, and I was forced to get warranty to solve this issue. The issue was a faulty motherboard. The issue was fixed.

I got this fixed on August 2021. A few months later, the exact same issue persisted and the mechanic changed the motherboard a few days ago.

Now, a few days later, I'm experiencing new issues where the laptop will not boot but be "preparing automatic repair", then turn off, then start again. This will be an endless cycle. The laptop will randomly reboot at any given moment, which makes it impossible for work tasks or study.

I'm reaching 12 months warranty, and I'm worried these issues will persist beyond warranty, which adds another layer of difficulty, even though ACCC should be on my side considering the history of faults.

What are my options here? I'm going to add a poll. Let me know what you think.

EDIT: now the laptop boots up, but its just a 100% black screen. Nothing else. No options or buttons to press. I'm going to call and harass Lenovo every day for a replacement it seems.

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    Pressure Lenovo for a new laptop of the same model as this one clearly has issues
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    Pressure Lenovo for a laptop of a similar price, but a different model.
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    Get a refund (is this realistic)?

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    "A product or good has a major problem when:

    it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about it
    it has multiple minor problems that, when taken as a whole, would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about them"

    Apply necessary pressure and get a new machine. You're well within your consumer rights, you may just have to remind them of your rights and their obligations under the law.

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      Be polite to the service reps, but be persistent in reminding them as ^ suggests.

      They'll always offer rerfurbs or repairs if it's cheaper for them to do so, but for major problems like this, a replacement is entirely reasonable.

      I think it's important to remind them of your consumer rights, rather than threatening to take them to Fair Trading in the first instance. I've heard of people taking the aggressive approach initially and it can make the reps batten down the hatches and call one's bluff.

  • Definitely go consumer law route on that one

  • now the laptop boots up, but its just a 100% black screen

    This is considered a major fault and you as the consumer should choose between a refund, replacement or repair under Consumer law. They should comply on this

  • +1


    A Lemonvo…

  • ACCC/refund. You now have NO faith in the Lenovo product(s).

  • Merged from Lenovo Promised Refund on November 30th as Laptop Died 3 Times. Warranty Expired December 13th. Still No Refund

    Hi all,

    My Lenovo laptop died 3 times in the span of about 6 months. 2x mobo and 1x screen failure. Now, they offered me a refund or replacement under warranty 3 weeks ago, however, I've yet to hear from them and my warranty expired on December 13th. But they've already promised a refund in November in an email I've saved.

    In November they said 2-5 business days to get back to me. It's been 11 business days now, and they're still buying time. I'm concerned that my warranty has expired and they will no longer go through with their promise.

    I contacted a couple days ago and they keep copy+pasting it'll be 2-5 business days and their tone has changed.

    • Is this normal?
    • Is it possible they waited for my warranty to expire to pull a shifty?
    • Lastly, what options do I have besides wait? I'm thinking of calling more assertively. Could I say if its not done in x timeframe I may explore options to help me get my money back? I don't mind waiting, but there's no urgency on their end at all.

    Sorry maybe I'm being irrational here but 3 weeks is enough to get back to me for a refund.

    • +2

      You could ask Consumer Affairs (or equiv) depending on what State or Territory you live in.

    • Lenovo are terrible with refunds. When I had a Lenovo laptop that would constantly fail Harvey Norman refunded me and since I paid for extended warranty with lenovo they had to refund me. It took so long and so much back and fourth to get them to actually issue the refund and getting them to understand the fact that the laptop was returned.

    • +1

      Who did you buy it off?

      My Lenovo laptop died 3 times in the span of about 6 months. 2x mobo and 1x screen failure. Now, they offered me a refund or replacement under warranty 3 weeks ago,

      This sounds like a major failure, but this is actually rendered moot as they are unable to get you a repair or replacement in a reasonable time. (3 weeks has passed)

      Ask them (The seller) to provide a refund as:

      a) this is a major failure (My Lenovo laptop died 3 times in the span of about 6 months. 2x mobo and 1x screen failure.)

      b) even if it was not a major failure, Lenovo has failed to provide a remedy of their choosing within a reasonable time frame.

      and c)

      You are only asking for the minimum required by law.

      In addition based on your post, imho you have been screwed around enough to warrant complaining to ACCC:

      If you are too lazy to read here are videos:

      If you are too lazy to do it yourself sign up to choice and let them advise you:

      • I bought it from

    • Seems like I need to get ask Consumer Affairs for assistance with this one.

    • If they have agreed to refund that's good, it's possible they're incredibly busy leading up to Xmas with staff taking leave and certain departments closing up till Jan not defending Lenovo but it's a very busy time for alot of companies. Did you need to send in the laptop to be assessed ?

      • The technician was sent out multiple times, and the last time he tried to fix it, the screen died. They emailed me saying under the Australian Consumer Law I am entitled to a refund or replacement. I said refund, that was 18 days ago. No response since.

        I don't think I need to send it in to be assessed.

    • Make a formal complaint to them via their web site or email. Do not make a complaint on the phone as it may be logged as an issue and not a complaint. See if they have a formal complaint process document(s) on their OZ web site and if they do follow it.

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