Comfortable Bed/ Mattress Recommendations?

I don't really know what to look for, any recommendations for comfortable bed/ mattresses?


  • We've had sleeping duck for two years now and are very happy with it. Unlike other bed-in-a-box mattresses this has a pocket spring base. My complaint is that it traps heat in the summer, so can be a little uncomfortable to sleep on. A padded mattress protector/topper has resolved the issue.

  • Had a Sleeping Duck here for about 6 years or so, no probs, and they having a Black Friday sale too.

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    I have brought a Queensize kmart mattress in a box for price and comfort i could not fault, it was much better than my old one that cost me over $1000.

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    We cant give recommendation because we dont have your body….

    Getting mattress is like looking for gf.
    My mate hot looking gf could be a bad match for me…..

  • What budget?

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