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Sunday Supply Beach Umbrella 2m $186.75 (RRP $249) + Delivered ($0 QLD/NSW/VIC) @ Sunday Supply Co


Seems like a nice deal, generally RRP $250.

I've been after a beach umbrella for a while now and haven't seen this one on sale. These seem like they are growing in popularity lately.

Remember to use Coupon: SUNDAY25

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Kmart Deluxe Umbrella $45 Similar, unless you REALLY want the look of a '$249' umbrella like the ones on IG curated homes.
    I bought one of these for $15.

    • Nice, good price. Not sure on quality but looks decent!

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    My informal survey of beach shade indicates that umbrellas are out and ‘Cool cabana’ type things are in. They do seem to provide a lot more shade.

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      My informal peer review of your survey confirms this

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    Probably sourced from overseas but placed a 70% mark up. Absolute crap

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    There's a bunch of beach umbrellas on Myer

  • Born in Byron Bay + ‘Co’ somewhere in the name + heavily promoted on Social Media = hyped up, expensive beach umbrella…

    25% off is a solid discount though for a brand that rarely goes on sale and is often sold out in certain colour ways

  • We have one of these, the Mrs bought it maybe 5 years ago. Now I know how much they cost I will grill her haha!

    But it has been a good umbrella, the quality is great and looks quality. Much better than the Kmart/Myer ones.
    Wooden shafts and the hinge mechanism is metal with decent sized teeth so it locks in position sturdy if it's used vertical or 'laid back'. Metal screw at the bottom.

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