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40% off Adobe Creative Suite for First Time Subscribers - $43.99/Month @ Adobe


Was meant to end last night, but still up - so get in quick if you want one!

Price is monthly cost for the first year, reverts to full price after.

First time subscribers only.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    I’ll just leave this here…

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      I've personally switched to Affinity Photo/Designer and off Photoshop/Illustrator. Still learning the ropes, but seems to be a great alternative so far.

      That said, they're still missing a lot of great software in the creative suite, the one I miss the most is Lightroom.

      • Does that mean Affinity doesn't have any software as a legit Lightroom alternative? Or they do, but just not good enough to be?

        • Affinity don't have a Lightroom alternative. I've tried a heap of Lightroom alternatives, and none are quite as good as Lightroom unfortunately.

          • @Trusty: I switched to RawTherapee a few years ago, and I think it's a pretty good alternative, and foss to boot.

            It works well for almost everything I would use Lightroom for, handles x-trans files better, and has some additional powerful features like wavelet decomposition (which I barely know how to use lol). I wish it had some basic masking tools though, even just something simple like Lightroom's adjustment brush.

            • @snep: @snep I tried it, and I agree it's a great free alternative. But I couldn't get close to the results I get in Lightroom. I really like how highlights/shadows are processed in Lightroom.

              • @Trusty: Yeah fair enough. I did a few comparisons when I switched, and though there was a mild difference I didn't have a clear preference between the two. I agree Lightroom probably does a slightly better job with blown highlights, but I felt like the overall tone curve needed less work to get right in RT. Guess it comes down to personal preference.

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          'Skylum Luminar' is probably the best Lightroom alternative out there.

          'Affinity Photo' is an alternative to Photoshop, 'Affinity Designer' alternative to Illustrator.

          DaVinci Resolve is a very good alternative to Premier Pro (video editing).

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      Swapped from Adobe products to Affinity Designer and Photo a few years ago. They're so much cheaper and I find them better tools also.

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    Subscriptions are the worst business model for any consumer, the upkeep is seriously stupid when it comes to years of loyal usage.
    Adobe Premiere is junk compared to Davinci Resolve, you can get the speed editor keyboard and pro software for $499 as a once off price and lifetime updates.
    I used to pay $30 a month as a student and that was way too much, after 6 months it went to 90 odd.

    • Yes. Which is why they’ve got the business model going.

  • My god I got out when it was 35 a month because I thought they were roping me to use two apps. This is the cost now?

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