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TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender $14 + Shipping ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


All time low according to https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B0776QG4P8

Previous lowest price posted on OzB was $34.95

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    Does anyone still use these?

    • What are my alternatives around this price point if I can't cover an extension to the house?

      • Probably nothing for $14 but wouldn't 300Mbps be painfully slow?

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          More for monitoring systems in the backyard etc. If modern wifi routers have greater coverage I may look at upgrading but this looks good thanks.

        • that's 3X faster than my NBN.

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            @lostn: 300Mbps is theoretical maximum speed PLUS because it's single band the original signal AND your repeated one are both bouncing around in the same band, thus halving speed to start with.

            Please do NOT be fooled by the marketing figures.

            Here's a brief test where the guy's NBN drops down to less than 25Mbps using that device.


            Using an older AC (not even AX) Ubiquiti AP I get consistantly about 65-68Mbps on my NBN fixed wireless, which is pretty much exactly what I get being wired.

            Oh, and if I copy from my NAS to my Laptop over that same link it's about 300Mbps. It smokes that TP-Link.

            Don't believe the hype on the box.

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            @lostn: That's assuming you get 100% throughput, which will never happen. Speed will decrease depending on the distance the repeater is from the router and then how far your device is from the repeater. If you are seeing 100Mbps at the modem/router, you won't get it at the repeater end, especially if you've got multiple devices hanging off it.

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        Honestly? Save up and get a proper wireless access point would be my answer. Repeating a signal at that speed (thus doubling the WiFi traffic in the air) does more harm than good.

        I know that's not a popular answer but I run an IT business and these things are an absolute pain for us when our clients buy them then call us with issues.

        Pile on the downvotes but you asked :)

        • I used a router flashed with dd-wrt for this purpose for 10 years, this seems to be a simpler option. Just googled wireless access points, they're quite dear but will look at one eventually.

          • @pennyless: I'd recommend the Ubiquiti WiFi 6 range. They're quite often on special through Wireless1 and the like here on OzBargain. I think I saw it for about $140.

            Granted unless you're handy the cabling will cost a few bob also.

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    Old but good.

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    These also work well for a wireless client bridge type of mode - ie. for items that are wired-only and you want to "convert" to wi-fi. e.g. I recently used one of these for someone that had a wired ethernet printer and wanted it to be on wi-fi.

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    Got one for a very similar price in the recent but god awful Harris Tech promo.

    It works really well for my use case - covering some rooms at the back of the house that didnt get any signal before. Speeds are fine (can test later) but have not felt any significant difference to the existing router. Pretty easy to set up too.

    Would recommend at this price as an easy fix to signal deadzones.

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      Update for any future OzB users reading this deal - my speeds on my existing router were 60Mbps down and 23Mbps up, as opposed to the speeds on my extender being 20Mbps down and 20Mbps up. Used the Google internet speed test.

      It's strange that I didn't really feel that much difference - but at least now you know what you could expect from this device!

      No matter, I'm still pretty happy with it. It only really needs to provide a connection for a couple of mobile devices.

  • Ite over.

  • damn too slow

  • It's the same price at Kogan at $14 but to get free delivery you need Kogan First.

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