Black Friday/ Cyber Mon RAM Recommendation

I'm buying parts for a new PC and stuck on trying to choose RAM. The whole, dual/ single rank, CL-16/ 18, 2x16 or 4x8 kits, 3200/ 3600MHz, etc, I'm pretty overwhelmed

I'm going to get a Ryzen 5800x on a B550 chipset board.
Budget is $170ish
16gb is fine but I'm doing more simulations so 32gb would be useful
I don't need RGB

Nearly bought 2 kits of 16gb Corsair Vengeance LPX but could only buy 1 at a time

Now thinking maybe 1 kit of Crucial Ballistix 16GB?

Absolutely any advice is appreciated


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    Mate, I've built several computers with the Crucial Ballistix. Micron-E die. They are great and have had it O/C at 4000Mhz on XMP settings.
    I would choose the Ballistix over the Corsair if on a budget.

    Ideally you want 4000mhz RAM with the Ryzen 5xxx series as to keep the infinity clock and RAM in sync with a 1:1 Ratio.
    Most 16GB kits are only single Rank, but with 4 sticks, they will act as dual rank.

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    I bought 2 of those 16GB Crucial kits early October and can confirm they are Micron-E die, and run dual rank with all 4 slots populated on a MSI B550 Tomahawk.

    Life has been a bit busy so haven't had the time to play with overclocking them yet, but run fine with zero issues on stock timings.

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    Thanks fo your help, went with the Cruical. Now just waiting on a GPU sale like everyone one else here

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    I'm all set, I bought a GTX 1660S 6GB in January for $360 from CCPU, then in March bought Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and motherboard for $300, now you would be looking at $1000 and second hand off ebay at that.

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