Month to Month Rental/Lease in Melbourne?

Hi everyone, I am about to sell my country home and buy an apartment in the Melbourne CBD (yeah people keep telling me I'm nuts but hey too much serenity gets a bit boring).

I'll be between places to live while I sort out my new loan and find a place I like. I don't want to be forced to buy something too soon, so I want to find a nice apartment/room to stay in for a month, or two, or even three. It's kinda hard, everyone wants a 6 month minimum, and Airbnb is super expensive.

I have found 3 month leases for apartments, but the websites I've found them on seem kinda sketchy? Has anyone been in this boat before? Any advice?


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    The month-to-month places are usually for aimed at corporate long-termers. They're usually furnished and the price per week is about double that of a typical apartment rental. So if you're going to be there for anything more than two to three months, you're better off getting a six month rental through a typical real estate agency.

    If you're coming into the CBD to find a place, the typical settlement is sixty to ninety days anyway, plus you might want to do some renovations after getting the keys. So it may well take six months before the place you buy is ready to move in.

    • That's true, also given how close to xmas I am I figure it will take even longer than usual, I might just just find a super cheap one and do 6 months to be safe

  • Just be warned that we have hooligans and shitcunts invading every Saturday. If you're not white and/or wearing a mask you may be cussed and spat on. Actually happened to me last week.

    • That's one thing I'm worried about, the protestors making life difficult for everyone. I guess I'll just be staying inside Saturday nights.

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        Was referring to the "protestors", they usually come in the morning till late afternoon.

  • Normally it's a 6 month min and then month to month. Have you used or to try and find one. Have you called REA?

    • I didn't see a way to search by contract length on these sites, that would have been nice. Does the REA list properties? Is this who you mean

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    Considering the sheer number of vacancies in the CBD at the moment I'll be surprised if nobody gives you a short term lease. Just keep asking and I'm sure someone will eventually say yes.

    • That's true, I just figured I would see if there's an avenue I'm missing. But given how cheap they are I might just sign on for 6 months to a really cheap one.

  • What suburb

    • Just all of Melbourne really, I want to be close enough to the city where I can inspect any apartments that come up easily. Right now I live too far away

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        There's not many students around at the moment, so you might as well stay right in the CBD. That'll give you a taste of what it's like to live right there where you are planning to buy. I live in the middle of it all and love it, but it's not for everyone.

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          Docklands might be worth a look. There seems to be a few empty places there. The 86 tram will take people straight into the city and it is part of the free CBD grid.

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    Was just discussing with a mate yesterday about leasing out her one bedroom apartment in Cremorne 3121, fully furnished on a month to month basis…I know of two such places in Cremorne for around $300/wk (give or take). Both have car spots and are really close to public transport and only a couple of km's from the cbd.
    You're welcome to msg me if you wanted more details

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