Visitor Visa 8501 Condition-Health Insurance

So My Mum visa has condition 8501- maintain adequate health insurance which I really don't understand how is different from other health insurances. Only Bupa and Allianz is fulfilling condition while other providers like Medibank, NIB, HCF are not. My question is if I buy one for her from Overseas( India) will that still be comply?

Does anyone have any other recommendations?



  • She will need Overseas Visitor Health Cover which not all providers will offer.

    Only 11 countries have reciprocal health care agreements here and India isn't one of them.

    Medibank does:

    • Yes I do know that. But is it mandatory to buy from here or can we buy from India? Also I am interested in Allianz but they just have changed the policy with 14 days in advance we have to buy. I only have 7 days so if I start after 14 days what should I do for the gap of 7 days? will that be an issue?


      • You have to buy an Overseas Visitor Health Cover product here. Unless it's one of those 11 reciprocal agreement countries.

        • Okay, that's what I wanted to understand. I thought people can buy from the origin country too.

    • Our visa is Visitor 600

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        Visa 600 is a visitor tourism visa and should not have mandated OVHC, only strongly recommended. In which case you could get insurance cover from abroad. Contact immigration for clarity on your specific case.

        • Agree. But due to the covid situation, they have put 8501-maintain adequate health insurance conditions while in Australia. I think all are panicking and thinking it must as parents are old enough and if any medical situation happens then very hard to pay out of pocket

          • @Sunny10: 8501 condition is not due to Covid, They are putting this condition for tourists for many past years, especially if the tourist is a senior.

        • If you are over a certain age OVHC is mandatory before a 600 visa is granted. Especially if you are not from a 1st world (white) country.

  • no, it would have to be here I think

    • I am pretty sure not everyone would be able to buy in Australia as its way expensive

      • Thats life… it gets expensive sometimes.

  • You can also opt to be covered by insurance policies issued in other countries. Remember, if you are on a visa with specific health insurance conditions, you need to purchase the type and level of health insurance specified by your visa.

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    I would recommend buying from Australian provider. My mum had OVHC from Allianz and had a heart stroke (not pre existing condition).

    Her admission to hospital and treatment was all cashless. We don't even know how much was the bill. Hospital took the insurance details from us and did all by themselves. They told us that if it is an overseas insurance provider then we need to pay the expenses and claim later, but if the insurance is from Australian provider then hospital will handle it.

    The Australian insurance will be expensive but you will have peace of mind incase the need arise.

    The reason I opted for Australian insurance because I saw few gofund me posts on my FB feed where overseas insurance providers rejected the hospital claims (overseas country India, I am too from India) and people were left with huge bills to pay. It can become difficult to deal with overseas insurance provider in case the dealing goes sour and you need to escalate the matter.
    My family have visited 3 times to Australia and everytime I opted for Australian insurance provider. Ended up using only once, but still gives me peace of mind.

    Note: every insurance provider will have a clause of pre-existing medical condition wait time of 12 months. In our case since it wasn't the case, hence we were covered by insurance.

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    Any health insurance from India, would be too much hassle. They are notorious for not paying claims or demanding excessive paperwork (think harassment, delaying tactics). You will be wasting your money on a junk insurance if you decide to buy it from India.

  • So wat did you finally go with? I am in the same boat?

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