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Rockwell 6S Safety Razor $125.96 Delivered @ Ministry of Shave


Cheapest price I have seen in a while using the code. Got an email after having it in my cart for a while for an additional 10% off. I believe the code is universal but not too sure. Same price for silver and matte black.

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    I have this one and it should lasts many generations.

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    Why is it worth $125.96 when I can get one that looks the same for maybe $6 from AliExpress?

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      It's made out of stainless steel. It's adjustable. It's one of the best safety razors you can buy. A $6 piece of crap from Aliexpress isn't the same because it "looks the same."

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        Plenty of merkur futur knock offs at a fraction of this price.

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          The clones aren't as good as the original Merkur Futur. Those cost over $100 anyway. Do you genuinely think the knock offs are as good as the original?

          • @WinstonWithAY: Actually yes, depends on the clone you get.

            I started with a clone merkur but it broke when I dropped it, replaced with an original. Shaving experience was the same.

            Sure it was probably poorly moulded, but it was a fraction of the price. I'd buy a clone again next time knowing they do just as good of a shave

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          it’s the stainless steel that adds costs

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            @garage sale: Also those knock-offs don't have the same quality of shave or build quality of a Merkur, and will probably not last as long.

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          The Merkur Futur knockoff I bought I had to shim in so many ways to get to work, granted it only cost me a Coke can but I would have to think it being no where near the quality of the real deal. If your only in it to save $ then I would suspect it would do, but if into DE Shaving as an interest/hobby/additction then it's merely a novelty.

          Note, my Rockwell 6C is a fatastic shaver and is my Daily (replacing 34C) - was lucky enough to win it from the qtrly raffle from Vshod. To have all the differing plate sizes is a bonus.

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            @Sallas: Seriously don't buy the knock offs. The quality control is terrible. Why would you want something shonky holding a sharp blade against your face?

            But a reputable razor within your budget and save yourself from the crap copy cats.

  • I mean I paid $8 for one that is "close enough" to this but if you want the same one, $35:


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      And in case you are also looking at the $129 matte black DE razor sets, have a (almost) half price deal right here:

      $68 on Aliexpress

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        and again nothing like it.

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        How is a crappy aliexpress set going to compare to this razor. That razor isn't even fully matte black. I owned a similar set with a stand and it ended up rusting, which this will probably do. It's also non-adjustable and not even branded. If you were going to spend $80 on a razor there are much better options like the Parker Variant. If you don't understand the differences, which you clearly don't, why post this when you have no idea what you're talking about?

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      nothing like it…

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      These are not the same quality. This is also adjustable while that isn't. Comparing an $8 razor to this shows you have no idea what you're talking about. I don't understand the point of your comment. And the thing you linked isn't "the same." Visually or otherwise.

    • Yaqi brand has good quality de razor

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    Wow, these are worth every cent. also these last a long time, my great great great great grandpa bought one and after so many generations we are still broke.

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      Why are you still in this thread if you have nothing to contribute except trolling?

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        Hey, most Ozbargainers love a bit of humour. Sorry if I offended you.

        • I don't think you need to apologise.

          The OP doth protest too much.

  • Thanks OP, purchased. Been using several different types of DE razors for over 10yrs now, and I've had a few issues with alloys wearing (for me - the screw threads seem to wear after several years, then fail….or one drop and they break) and ultimately the razor being useless. I like the reviews ofd the 6s, and also that this model is stainless steel (for longevity reasons).

    • yep hard to get brass or stainless razors ….and if you can they do cost a premium ….

      and the rockwell has the adjustment plates …

  • I have this, would recommend! Amazing product.

  • They could shave the price a little more

  • I have the non stainless steel version and still using it now. Dropped a few times on floor and still good, no scratches on it.

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