Catch and Gift Card

I purchased a catch gift card from suncorp to save a few dollars and went through the motions in paying it i selected free delivery with kmart but it never asked where which was on next page, as i redeemed my gift card on previous page, the next page was asking me to put in card details? Even though nothing to pay. Im now wondering if this was asking my payment details to sign up gor catch delivery.
Anywsy deleted my card and went through checkout again but my gift card does not work.
This item im after is on a deal and catch has taken my money and aint got anything for it.
And the item is on a deal and will end at some point.
Its not suncorp as it worked at start.
How should i proceed?

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    It’s very hard to read your post to give you any suggestions.

  • In short bought gift card 6% off.

    Used or tried to use at checkout.

    Redeemed and showed zero to pay.

    Went further along in checkout could not submit.

    Removed gift card and checked why could not submit.

    It was asking card details as well? Im paying by gift card.

    I noticed this card details needed might have been for catch delivery membership so removed.

    I go through checkout again gift card not working and says incorrect pin.

    Suncorp site says dont refund gift blah blah contact retailers.

    I go and buy item by another method being it's black friday and god knows when this be sorted out.

    And all this just to save $3 odd.

    Contacted catch await reply asking to refund my gift card as not used aint working.

    As of right now im a gift card out of pocket

    Clear as a bell?

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      In short

      Longer than OP…

  • Catch Club requires credit card details so probably best to sign up separately before placing order with gift cards.

    • I did not need to sign up been a member for years.
      Wondering why my order was not going through and asking me for card details I noticed afterwards there was a section within the cart to remove catch membership.
      This was probably causing me not able to check out.
      But regardless I should be able to redeem a gift card at check out as much as I like.
      Only when it gets used then I can’t add.
      But at the time wondering what’s going on gift card redeemed but still not checking out I removed and started over.
      I make sure membership part is removed and enter my gift card again but not adding says incorrect pin.

      I will go on check balance now see if working or not now as maybe it was locked or something but you should be able to enter a gift card as much as you like only when used should there be issues.

      As I wanted a Black Friday deal could sell out change in price I went to buy item by PayPal instead and have emailed my gift card is not working and I want the gift card refunded.

      My reason for gift card was to save a little more and would have it here site was not crap so not only did I lose that privilege of the discount but also the card value I paid.
      No point in me contacting Suncorp as they just sell discounted gift cards for catch.

      Crazy how this crap even happened first place and god knows when catch will reply to me hence me buying item by other means and get rest sorted out after.

  • A TL:DR version would be good OP.

    Just the facts.

  • If your descriptions are anything like how you used their site I'm not surprised you entered some buggy loophole :P.

    Anyway FWIW for comparison I bought something on Catch via gift card recently and all went fine for me. I do remember thinking at one point "when do I pick the exact Kmart to pick up from?" but that was later on.

    I never had to "remove" Club Catch membership from the cart from memory (not like what Kogan does as a separate item). I got the 4 shipping options, and "Club Catch icon + Target/Kmart" and "Target/KMart" only are separate shipping options, so I picked the last one.

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