Question about Toll Driver Not Leaving behind a 'we Missed You' Card

Hello y'all,

Has anyone come across a situation where the driver never attempted delivery (no knock, no bell ring), didn't leave a 'we missed you' card but bullsh1tted about 'attempted delivery but no one was home'?

I called up Toll but as anyone would guess, it's gone back to the depot and they don't do redelivery on their (profanity) so I have to submit a redelivery request that will take another 2 working days.

How long did it take you guys to get the item and what did you do to speed things up?


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    Yes this happens a lot if they forget just take it back to the depot

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      They don't forget. They just run out of time to make the delivery and pretend it was an attempted delivery.

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    Toll are bad for deliveries. Almost as bad as Fastway (rebranded to Aramex because of their bad reputation).

    Fastway attempted delivery twice, both times we were home. Ended up having to get some flat pack furniture delivered to the office in the city and cart it home so they couldn't use the "we attempted delivery but you weren't home" excuse.

    Toll is the same. Drop the "we couldnt be bothered to attempt delivery" card in the letterbox (when they can be bothered to do that even) and drive off. Hard to argue no one was home when there are 2 of us at home working from home all the time. They dropped one parcel (a new work mobile) at some dodgy newsagent who couldn't be bothered with the whole parcel process because I had to find it myself in the pile of parcels sitting out on their shop floor. Could have taken anyone's parcel if I wanted.

    My rule of thumb is if I'm buying something and it's sent aramex/toll, I look elsewhere to buy even if it's a few bucks more. At least I'll have a good chance to receive it and save heaps of time messing around trying to re deliver it because I'll know they won't bother.

    By no means am I saying AusPost are perfect, but 9/10 parcels delivered by AustPost (the same courier driver every time as well) compared to toll/aramex, I'd be generous giving a 1/10 delivery rate. And at least AusPost will take it to the local post office to collect.

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      And at least AusPost will take it to the local post office to collect.

      Conveniently open 10-4 every weekday!

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    Been dealing with DHL, FedEx and StarTrek and all been decent. Toll only good on the corporate delivery side like Dell laptops, monitors etc.

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      I'd imagine startrek delivery would be instant with the teleporter

  • I put a camera in my driveway. Haven't had a problem since. Could be coincidental maybe changed drivers.

    My Australia Post driver is the best. So I use sellers that ship with Australia Post in preference. Startrack although owned by Australia Post has been a bit better than Aramex and Toll but is slower for me than Australia Post. Plus they are hopeless at letting you know when the parcel is coming, so I never know when to be home if I use any other than Australia Post.

  • Happens all the time (if you have a lazy/dodgy/busy person doing your area) and unless you can prove otherwise they won’t follow it up.

    You can usually request to pick up yourself from their depot if its not gone back out for delivery.

  • put some camera's up … even if they're fake … the drivers have been caught out, they'll look for a camera and if they see one, they'll at least walk up to the front door :)

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