Chess World Championships Who Wins and what is the score?

I'm for Magnus 6.5-5.5 it will be close

First game was a draw, second looks drawish right now
Good prep by Magnus, although probably not a line he will go back into i assume, probably just a one-trick line that wont work again
Nepo seems to have a great ability to get himself out of trouble with really creative defense ive seen in a couple of his games

Btw, for whoever is watching the matches. Chess24 has 2 streams on youtube, one is a deep dive with more complicated analysis from Giri and Judit Polgar.
The other one is for general audiences with less technical commentary has Caruana and others covering it on Twitch

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  • 2
    Magnus by a lot
  • 13
    Magnus by a little
  • 2
  • 1
    Nepo by a lot
  • 3
    Nepo by a little


  • +1

    Anya Taylor Joy.

    • Queens Gambit is based on Bobby Fischer published the year after his world championship

  • Could be Nepo by a little.

    • He's been performing quite well recently

  • +1

    Don't know who wins but final score certainly is going to be check mate

  • +10

    Salesperson asked me how I was going to pay for my new chess set.

    I said, “Cheque, mate”.

    • +1

      I was in the corner when it happened. Rookie error.

      • But when you gifted it to your gf, did she respond with "Yass Queen!" …?

        • +2

          She didn't appreciate the joke, so he had to pawn it off.

    • King move buddy, just the one?

  • How's Kasparov doing?

  • +1

    Kasparov is in exile in New York since 2013 for being anti communist and Putin denouncer

  • Magnus looks shaky I think it's 50-50 or slight favour to Magnus now

  • Hosting a worlds watch party tonight at 11pm

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