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Panasonic AA Ready-to-Use Ni-MH Rechargeable Eneloop Batteries, 4-Pack $14.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Limited-time deal: Panasonic AA Ready-To-Use Ni-MH Rechargeable Eneloop Batteries, 4-Pack (BK-3MCCE/4BA)

RRP: $25.49 Details
Deal Price: $14.50 ($3.63 / count)
You Save: $10.99 (43%)

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Store ? OOPS, sorry, I just saw.

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    lightening deal! thanks grabbed two

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      lightening deal

      Helps you lose weight as well!

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    Customary Black Friday purchase

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    AAA - $14.75, not bad.

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    Don't need more (blasphemy) but great deal op

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    Got so many AA batteries no need for anymore. But can't say no any longer. My first Envelops. Welcome to OzB

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    • Subscribe and Save offered on these. Amazon knows where it's at.

      • Can you cancel immediately after paying?

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    Why get these over IKEA LADDA which are cheaper? Aren't they the same/similar?

    • Not all IKEA LADDA batteries are made in Japan so check the packaging in store.

      Not all IKEA LADDA models are equivalant, and not the regular eneloop with 2100 cycles.


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        Both the new AA 2450mah and AAA 750 Laddas in the paper packaging are made in Japan. I literally bought some two days ago at $12/$7

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          good to know from the field

          I was only referring to that blog online.

        • I actually prefer the IKEA LADDA's. Higher capacity, with the trade off of slightly less cycles. I'd rather longer lasting batteries between charges tbh.

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            @UFO: I find they self discharge much much quicker than the standard eneloop… I've bought several different packets of the japanese ladda's in AA and AAA many months apart, so definitely different batches, and I find they're always half flat when i go to use them and dont last as long as the eneloops. They might last longer from straight out of the charger I guess, but I'm yet to notice a difference. I use my batteries in toys, camera flash, remote controls etc. I haven't noticed the Ladda give me any better performance in any of those despite the higher capacity

    • Ikea has a slightly higher mAH rating

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        Ikea is 20km - 40km round trip, 4 tolls - plus got to add meatball cost to Ikea run, and add in labyrinth run time @ Ikea ..

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          I find it weird how you can add AAA batteries to ikea online cart but not AA batteries… but I only live 3k's from an ikea so easier for me to go there, also acts as a day out for the kids since they run around and play hide and seek (only do that during weekdays when it isn't busy).

        • The Ikea restaurant at Victoria Gardens is still closed. No meatballs for me. However, the scratch and dent area sings to me.

    • I have been using both the white Eneloop 1900mAH and the white LADDA 2450mAH AA batteries for some times now. I noticed even though the LADDA has higher capacity, but the Eneloop seems to hold the voltage at higher level longer.

  • If I buy enough of these can I build my own Tesla Model 3 car?

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    Isnt this better at $4.135/count S&S?

    Panasonic AA Ready-To-Use Ni-MH Rechargeable Eneloop Pro Batteries, 8-Pack (BK-3HCCE/8BT) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0778L6473/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

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      Isn't $4> $3?

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        $0.001815/mAh > 0.001621568627451/mAh

    • I agree. For an extra $5 I'd rather get the Pro version

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    Thanks OP. Got one!

  • Any recommendation for the Charger?

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      The http://www.liito-kala.com/ chargers are pretty popular. They also can charge AAA, 18650, and many others.

      Just buy it from aliexpress or ebay

  • Ordered. Thanks op!

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    Ordered, what the hell, you can never have too many Eneloops

    • You can… and I do… But I still ordered a couple of packs of each size anyway!!! 🤦‍♂️

  • They only let you buy one. Can't increase the amount and won't let you do another transaction "you've already claimed this deal"

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      Broden won't be happy about that.

  • any smart charger deals

  • I've been buying bulk amounts from Nkon the past couple of years, so really don't need any at the moment. (Also did a clean out of kid's toys a few weeks ago.)
    But it was nice of Shopback to pay for them with all their recent $5 back / gift card deals!!! 🤣

  • Thanks OP. Also same question though, any suggestions on the smart charges that don't damage these? I also use AAA so would need a charger that does both. Anyone?

  • Can I down vote the OP for forcing me to purchase more Eneloops????

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      Try downvoting yourself first ;p

  • Are these the gold standard when it comes to rechargeable batteries?can use any branded charger, doesn't have to be Panasonic?

    • More like the Silver standard. The Eneloop Pro would be the gold standard. The Pros are also on sale

  • I'm bad with leaving my eneloops in their chargers (…for days) as it seems to never get to full capacity on my battery tester.

    Should i change to the dumb charger to them smart chargers? Which smart charger would be best?

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      One that charges each battery separately i.e. not only 2 or 4 batteries at a time.

      Some have built in discharge tests and even show capacity

    • I was lucky enough to pick up a few Sanyo / Eneloop NC-MQR06W chargers when Masters were practically giving them away.
      It's a fantastic little 4 battery in wall plug smart charger with Delta-V cut-off tech… So you can leave them plugged in for days or weeks if you forget.
      It also charges in individual, not pairs, so you can charge 1, 2, 3, or 4 AA or AAA at a time.

  • I'm a little salty because I just purchased the 2-pack for $10 a few days ago… but I guess it's okay, don't need 2 moreof those lol

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