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[PC, Steam] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR $16.01 @ Gamivo


Seems like a good cheap price for this game. I never finished the original when playing it 8+ years ago despite spending 100+ hours in it and getting very close to the end. I'll probably never have the time to finish it again in VR too.

Make sure to deselect the buyers protection and to use the coupon code when checking out to bring the price down to $16.01.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Nothing against the actual game itself, but I found this more like Barf-rim VR

    • Why?

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        Different users have a different motion sickness sensitivity, however this game isn’t VR optimised - it’s a basic port with some teleport addition and motion controls, that being said the frequent use of buildings or caves, combined with the pace just causes motion sickness.
        Fallout IV VR isn’t quite as bad but still not trouble free.
        In general this is my experience with VR ports that aren’t built for VR from the ground up.
        YMMV, but I’ve found this to be the case more often than not with VR ports.
        It’s a little better than using VORPX, but not by much.

  • Do you really want to deselect protection? Isn't gamivo a marketplace with plenty of dodgy keys on it?

    • +1

      I've purchased many games over the years from marketplaces like Gamivo and never had a problem.

      All that would have happened for me is that I would have wasted $100+ on protection that isn't needed.

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