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70% off: VPN + SmartDNS US$35.70 / A$50.12 (2 Year Subscriptions) @ Unlocator


Seems like a good price for 2 years. IMG Proof - https://ibb.co/nbGXbJs

"All Subscriptions are covered by our 30-day money back guarantee"

It's Black friday all weekend - Get a 70% discount on all Unlocator subscriptions!

The offer if available between 25-29th of November 2021. So act now if you want the deal of the year.

Unblock streaming services and protect your privacy for as little as $1.5/month. VPN and Smart DNS for all your devices.

Simply apply the discount code BLACK2021 on the order page. The discount is applied for the lifetime of the subscription.

Get a 70% Discount With Coupon: BLACK2021

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Has anyone tried this Unlocator Smart DNS service on their Netflix service yet ? As far as I know Getflix, Surfshark, Nord, SmartDNS, etc all doesn't work with unblocking Netflix. So will this unlocator work ?

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    Netflix Information
    This article is only relevant when using Smart DNS. If you are using VPN simply connect to the region you wish to use. If we don't support that particular region yet then we default to US Netflix.

    Unblocking Netflix With Smart DNS

    Unlocator supports several Netflix regions. You can change the region you want to watch by going to the region settings and locate Netflix settings.

    Unblocking Netflix with Smart DNS requires more advanced settings than other channels. This is due to the fact that Netflix will sometimes call IP addresses directly, which can't be redirected via DNS. As a result you need to block these IP addresses in your router.

    Known Issues

    You might need to restart devices and routers between region changes. For now this is needed due to the way the streaming works after the proxy block/errors started to appear.
    Xbox One is a no go due to the fact that it will call IPs directly. Blocking the IPs listed in the step 3 will remove the proxy error but will also prevent the Xbox from streaming at all.

    Step 1. Configure the DNS

    Configure your device to use just one DNS: This is the regular DNS for Unlocator.

    Remove any other DNS on your device. If you are unsure of how to configure your device then please use the regular setup guides.

    Step 2. Log out and Restart Devices

    We know that some of you are eager to get started – so much so that you forget this step. Please don’t forget.

    Step 3. Block IPs on Your Router

    We are not yet fully aware of what devices need the following step. But we have seen user who have gotten proxy errors on various devices. So if you get a proxy error using the new DNS then we suggest blocking access to the following IPs on your router:

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