How long does your Xiaomi dreame battery last?

I bought a dreame v9 mid last year.

Been pretty happy with it, was an upgrade from a Dyson V6 and has done a good job.

One thing though is notice the battery is starting to give up. On the medium mode I used to get though a whole house as it was supposed to last an hour.

Nowadays, it probably lasts just 15-20 minutes. This is only about 18 months of using it once a week.

What has people's experience been so far? How long do the batteries last before they need replacement? And do people bother getting a replacement or just buy a new unit?
It costs 80$ for a battery and you can get a new unit for just double that.


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    My experience with the T20: the battery does not last as long as my Dyson v11.
    T20 is about 3 months old.
    Dyson v11 is 2.5 years old.

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    Battery life varies on number of charge and discharge cycles. I only charge mine when the battery runs low instead of plugged in all the time. Still runs well despite being nearly 2 years old. I would change the battery for sure. YouTube video shows it to be a very simple exercise.

  • Reading through some old threads, there's a few people talking about the battery not lasting on Xiaomi vacuums. However I'd give it a go at warranty, even though you've had it over 12 months that's an unreasonably low lifespan (assuming you only charged it once a week as well, that's only 75 odd cycles).

    Unless you left it on the charger all the time, that probably wouldn't do the battery much good.

    Unless there's something wrong with the machine why replace it? It'll cost twice as much and you have to dispose of a perfectly good vacuum. Seems wasteful.

    • Well it's twice the cost for the current model but can upgrade to a later model for like$30 more than that.

      I left it in its dock all the time. That's what they're designed to be stored.

      I've given everything inside a big clean. Could just be clogged up so maybe that might make it last longer

  • What has people's experience been so far?

    Only really had Dyson stick vacs, and they generally last 18-24 months before giving up the ghost and that is with some use every day. Not entire house cleaning, but spot cleaning.

    But like all things, cheaper batteries can die quicker etc or you just got a bad battery.

  • Is the battery User Removable?
    I find so many electronics die just by sitting there. Like my bike lamp, go pro, flashlight etc etc.

    Try to remove batteries whenever its possible. Costs you 10sec when placing down, and 10sec when picking up. That 30sec of lost time is worth it, if you have all these electronics that get used on/off sporadically. Otherwise they die out on their own. And usually the refurbishment cost is like 50%-100% cost of the item.

    Only the best quality electronics (eg certain Sony devices) try to mitigate this. And even still, it isn't always a guarantee. The expensive luxury electronics tend to have this as a habit, just like the cheap stuff, so it's hard to tell which from which.

  • Hi guys,
    Sorry - I know this was posted AGES ago…
    But just wondering if anyone has been able to find a replacement battery for their Dreame S9…
    I can't seem to find one anywhere.

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