Which of the Dell monitors for work (programming - M1 mini)

I’ve recently purchased an M1 Mac mini that I’ll mainly just be using for programming. I don’t plan to do any gaming. I’ve only ever had laptops so I have no idea about monitors, only that I should go for IPS. Really I’d prefer to go for the cheapest option, unless there’ll be noticeable/worthy difference in quality, build, or future proofing.

Ones I’ve been looking at all 27” prices pre discount:

S2721D - cheap option 1440p $336

S2722DC - next model of the previous version 1440p - has USB C with power delivery $411

S2722QC - previous model but 4K UHD? $461

S27221DGF 1400p saw this was OzB recommended monitor under 400 in another post. Titled as a gaming monitor though so don’t know if the value is lost on me.

ATM I’m thinking S2722DC. Seems like it’s got some decent feature upgrades from the previous model (don’t know if the screen is any better though) and I don’t know if going up to 4K will benefit me much (I read sometimes when you scale up text using 4K it can get a bit blurry?)

Any help would be much appreciated!


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    I know it’s not one of your options and it’s triple the price but I highly recommend the Dell U4320Q for programming and office work. If you can swing it then it’s one of those things like a good chair that pays off itself over time (in happiness at least if not money).

    Having a single power/video cable to laptops through USB-C rocks. Text on the display is extremely crisp (better than the equivalent LG 41”). The corner pinning software is great. Dividing up the screen across multiple input sources also works well.

    For some reason it feels so much better than dual screens, I mean because it’s basically a quad screen.

    Having a huge screen useful because it lets you pack pretty much a full length editor on the left for context and whatever application on the right (or top and bottom). Also great for Excel, accounting, word processing, pretty much the works.

    Ummm but if you want to stick to your original choices then that’s AOK too! I just wanted to be it’s cheerleader as we have tried it and like it a lot.

    PS I haven’t used it with a Mac Mini though.

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      Thanks for the suggestion but $400 is the highest i can go atm

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    I don’t know if going up to 4K will benefit me much (I read sometimes when you scale up text using 4K it can get a bit blurry?)

    According to rtings, UHD monitors score higher on text clarity.

    • Thanks I’m gonna go 4K

  • 27" is way too small and you'll regret it pretty quickly. You might also want one that can rotate into portrait mode.

  • I used 27” Dell 4K dual screen and works pretty well

    Personally don’t get used to curve screen for programming, but movies and gaming are great

    • So you would say go for theS2722QC?

  • Reach out to reddit or macrumors where you'll get advice specific to your mac mini. It's been a real pain in the arse getting combinations of docks, dongles and cables at the right resolution and FPS on the macbooks.

    Just to give you another diverging opinion with the budget, I'd get a second hand ultra wide or the xiaomi 34"

    • As in some monitors don’t work well with the M1 minis?

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    The 4K Dell S2721QS is available for $384.30 (30% off) inc delivery.

    I don't own this model so can't speak for it, but Amazon reviewers rate it 4.5 stars (1,497 reviews).

    I've loved ❤️ (LOVED, in case it wasn't clear enough 😂) using my 4K monitor for the last 4 years and never regretted it — the extra screen real estate afforded by 3840x2160 (2160P) is significant, and like others have said 4K text and graphics are very sharp.

    FWIW I bought the P2415Q (Amazon 4.3 stars ★★★★☆ 1,664 ratings), and specifically bought the 24-inch because it was the closer to the "Retina Display" high-dpi of the Mac I was using side-by-side at the time, more than the larger 27-inchers could. Shame it's no longer available here.

    • Thanks didn’t see this model before

  • Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor - S2721QS ($357)
    Dell 27 USB-C Monitor - S2722DC ($331)

    which one is better? USB-C vs 4K
    $26 difference

    • The 22DC is a QHD (2560x1440 or 3.6 megapixels), so a much lower resolution to the 4K (3840x2160 or 8.3 megapixels) of the 21QS.

      I realised just now that while QHD is like having 4 x regular HD (720P) monitors, the 4K is like having 4 x Full HD (1080P) monitors.

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