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$100 off When You Quote and Buy Home and Contents Insurance (Online Only) @ Suncorp


Home insurance renewals are up and it is shopping time for best quotes. I am already with Virgin so cant get the voucher when I renew. Trying with another name or playing around is just not worth it when it comes time to giving the insurance company to wiggle out when an event, God forbid, ever happens.

So far the best I could find was ING as the $100 gift card is nice to have. However once you click towards the end after the initial quote it goes up by $100 for no reason whatsoever. So was a waste of time.

Doing a search for home insurance offers and Suncorp came up. With the $100 voucher applied to the price, I saved $63 compared to ING.

I get Flood insurance included (I dont really need it as I live on top of a hill - but i will take it). Also free 25% extra cover for home insurance. So I went back knocked 25% off the value of my estimated home value and saved a further $80.

If you have ctp insurance with them this also drops it another 5% (they say 15%, but it was only not for me).

It may be more or less for you.

Only thing that is important when it comes to insurance is to shop around every year as it is does not save you money to be loyal.

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  • Suncorp good to unlock their rewards program for discount gift cards too…

    Is it just me or do most insurers go crazy on the home replacement cost? Mine are usually defaulted to more than the value of house + LAND…

    • yeah I think they do it for the purpose of making you pay more.

    • Only need a free bank account to access discount gift cards.

      • Good point, I have that already đŸ˜‰

    • With Suncorp, rather than quote on number of bedrooms etc, got quote based on size of house. (Suggested when rang Suncorp.)
      As the older house was smaller than average size of current McMansions they base their calculations on, the quote was so much cheaper. But estimated rebuild value was still much more expensive (including demolition cost) than would be likely.

    • Just got quote $1150 - about $100 more than 2 years ago (house valuation is now 50% higher at a ridiculous $500,000).
      But reduced Contents valuation in half (much has been sold in preparation to sell property).

      In first year, there is +25% cover for rebuilding your home. (Not that I need it)
      By buying a new online policy each year, should get that thrown in + $100 off!

      defaulted to more than the value of house + LAND…
      Real Estate told me if the house wasn't here - the sale price would be higher. So house has no effective value! Hasn't been insured for a few years.

      • Haha yeah my house rebuild was over $1m… I know for a fact I can build 20% better/bigger for about $650k based on quotes from multiple builders… AAMI was the worst for inflated prices

  • Insured family homes for many years with Suncorp - always was this discount for quote & buy online, plus 15% off for multiple policies (2 other e.g. CTP + car).
    Think comprehensive car policy is $50 off online.

    Cheaper to do that than renew existing policy.
    Found was cheapest insurance price each year - for my circumstances.

    All Suncorp home insurance includes Flood insurance. It's something they promote in QLD! Plus cover for underinsured value.

    • LONG RUNNING Deal!
      Definitely not Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

      It's Suncorp's normal online offer they've run for years.

      Checked old Home & Contents quotes:
      "Purchase online and save $100 with Suncorp Insurance." (10/11/19, 9/12/18, 4/11/17,…)

      Comprehensive car insurance has been $50 off online for years.

      • Mods have now updated.

  • My quote is only giving me $50 off for some reason.

    • +1

      Was your quote for "Home & Contents insurance"? Gave me $100 off H&C quote.

      Clicking on this Deal for "Home & Contents insurance" shows $100 off when you quote and buy online and shown again at quote.

      But only $50 if you choose "Home" or "Contents" insurance - which isn't this Deal.

      • Ahhhh okay that makes sense, thanks mate.

  • +1

    Thanks the post OP.

    Suncorp are by far the cheapest when I just did a comparison.

    Will save me about $200.

  • Just got my crazy renewal with budget direct of $2500.

    Suncorp quoting $1900 (with discount) and RACV $1500.

    Goodbye budget direct. Welcome back RACV.

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