New Oven Suggestions/Recommendations

Subject kinda says it, i've just gone and blown up the oven somehow, flipped a light or something on and the heating element in the Oven's carked it.

Looking for a oven recommendation for i guess lmoderate use, electric no gas here.. i got no clue, naturally the one we have was here when we moved in and looks like it's an Aldi brand.. so lasted a while considering..

Looking for the old switcheroo service so appliances online comes to mind. But no idea on models/makes and ozbargain certified deals.

Any tips or advice, i'm not up on Oven technology. Budgetwise prob $1k installed? idk no idea how much they should cost, but ideally with some sort of in-home warranty so don't have to go through this again.


  • Ive just gone and blown up the oven somehow, flipped a light or something on and the heating element in the Oven's carked it.

    Just fix it, jesus you don't need to buy a new oven.

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      prob costs more to fix this one, it's a Stirling Alid one, prob worth an upgrade as the boss wants to bake a bunch of xmas cakes etc, i got pressure on to sort it quick smart

      • Stirling Alid one

        Can't be that old. How about calling them?

        flipped a light or something on and the heating element in the Oven's carked it.

        Makes no sense, does anything in the oven turn on?

  • An electric stove is usually on a dedicated circuit AFAIK.

    Definitely shouldn't be on a light circuit unless you mean the stove's interior light.

    Check your fuse box for a blown fuse or a tripped CB before doing anything else.

    • yeah, tripped something at the main switch board so took a bit of hassle to get power back on, but now light comes on but no heat.. 60's built block and seems like the main switch board getting upgraded now because of this event since everything's so old in there.. i'm certain me turning on a light or something didn't cause it but yeah still busted

      • Did you spill a shit load of water in it or something? Why are you so sure it's busted?

  • Many electric stoves have a fuse in them.

    You'll have to Google to locate it, but if the stove's interior light still works it's probably not that.

  • The element is easy to fix.

    If you want a new oven, you have a few things to consider - firstly the space. We only have room for a 540 mm wide and this made a big difference. Not worth the hassle to get a 600 mm… Now for a 900 or 1200, I may consider selling my soul.

    We are also very lucky in that we have a fantastic appliance repair guy and I went through the catalogues with him - showed him my preferred option and he shot it down in flames (English brand, new to Australian market - parts would be costly etc…). He also didn't like the glass tops - said you have a crack and the whole cooktop needs replacing etc.

    So we narrowed it down to a Westinghouse with coils - can't stand those solid hotplates. He even suggested a shop which gave me a better deal with using his name. (Don't worry - I've been using this fellow for years and I know he isn't ripping me off with getting kickbacks).

    When it was delivered we arranged that he came and removed the old stove and went and did another job in the area so I could give the space a good clean and then came back and installed.

    Seriously - find a good appliance repair person to start with!

  • The heating element in any fan forced oven will need to be replaced eventually (depends on how much use)
    If the light (or fan in a fan forced oven) works then it is the heating element

    Ours took 15 years to die.
    Ive done this before and bought a cheap $30 element from ebay and did a straight swap.
    It was a random european brand so u need to look at the end to ensure u get the correct one.

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    Choose your element from here
    Get a new light bulb from here

    Turn off the circuit breaker.
    Replace above parts (it's not friggin' brain surgery)
    Give the oven a deep clean in and out while you're there.
    Flick circuit breaker back on.

    Be a man. Stop being a baby and repair it for less than $50.

    Buy your wife a nice piece of jewellery with remaining $950 and sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Source: did this very repair to our oven a few years ago and wife shagged my brains out (and I didn't have to buy any jewellery).

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    Interestingly our oven wouldn’t turn on after a power cut, until we set the clock. Weird but true, maybe try that.

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