Foot Locker 20% off Storewide Tomorrow?

Hi, Foot Locker have a CYBERMON20 discount tomorrow for 20% off store wide for online purchases.
Does anyone know if the physical stores will also have 20% off?

Tried to talk my son into getting a different model of Nike, but he is set on these
They don't seem to have this colour at other places like the Iconic, so I'm locked in with Foot Locker.


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    I've always wondered why they call their shop foot locker. It refers to the trunk that soldiers keep at the foot of their beds - perhaps they keep their shoes in there? How you could link this concept to a shoe store mystifies me. Is the locker the shoe store lying at the feet of the shopping mall? Odd.

  • Tried the code this morning, and it is not working. Very frustrating.

  • according to a commenter on their facebook who got through to the customer service team on the phone they are aware and trying to fix it now, i'd try again later

    • it's working now. code has changed to cyber20

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