Minecraft Realm Server Tips and Tricks?

The kids are getting older, but they still all like playing Minecraft.
They also have friends who play Minecraft (on lots of platforms).
I thought it might be nice to get them a private server for xmas.
I floated it with the older kid who says it would be fun.

Seems like it isn’t expensive to just buy hosting for a year, so I don’t have to think about security or uptime. I think realms so it is available on lots of platforms.

Is there stuff I need to think about with this approach? I’m not a minecraft player, except in the most casual sense. I can do software things or admin a server, but I’m in this for fun, not to spend 4 hours a month looking at logs or patching services.

Any recommendations?


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    I'd look at hosts like Apex or shockbyte that offer custom server management portals, makes it pretty easy to manage stuff without having to deal with the technical details

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