Hoping for a Black Friday Bargain on a Smoker

After combination of advice and a deal. Used to have a offset smoker and loved it, but it was a cheap one and didn't survive the multiple moves I made since I purchased it.

Now settled at long term address and wanna get back into smoking meat. Torn between using a Electric or a Wood/Offset one again. If you've seen any deals and have any input advice would love to hear it.

Think the Electric would be easier and more consistent, but not opposed to the fiddling involved with a Offset smoker either.

(Dont have gas at this house so pass on that)



  • Do you have eBay Plus? Some smokers are on sale

  • Wood anyday… Love my Hark Chubby… its a lot of learning to get it right, but once you do… <insert homer drooling>

  • Have you considered the WSM? Unfortunately though Weber don't ever have any sales worth mentioning.

  • Hmm stumbled across the Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone - Reviews look solid, I like the self feeding pellet function and Wifi is always a bonus :)

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