Safe Non Damageable Way to Launder Clean Bed Blankets

Every time I seem to put my large blankets and quilts in our top loader washing machine it seems to make a hole or tear in the blanket.

How do you guys clean your blankets do you use the washing machine or soak it in something like a bath tub or something.

And is powder or liquid better for something like a thick thick blanket.

Don't want to have to keep ordering new blankets just because I keep getting rips and tears in them.

I just realised that I am mostly talking about quilts and not blankets like this one

It says it is machine washable but my experience has been not good trying with a top loader.

What are your experiences on this topic?


  • Pretty sure those things are supposed to be taken to the dry cleaners. What does the tag say?

    • Care instructions:

      Machine Washable

      Do not dry clean

      Do not iron

      Do not bleach

      Tumble dry on low

      • Well I take that back then!

        • +1

          You still could be right or i just have a very aggressive washing machine.

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    Front loader…

    • -2

      But i hardly know er.

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    There's something wrong with your washing machine if it's ripping holes or tearing the blanket. I use a LG top loader and there's no way for it to rip holes in anything.

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    Use the large oversized front loader at the local laundromat. It might be because it’s stuffed too tightly in your washer. Use a gentle setting with a wool wash.

    • May have to resort to this.. If they have dryers in the same place might mean I can have them put back on my bed same day only problem will be getting them from home and back so maybe 2 taxis will have to do the trick.. Which ironically might mean buying a new quilt is cheaper.

      But obviously washing them is better for the environment than buying a new one every time they get dirty.

  • What settings do you use?

    • -1

      Regular mode.

      • Sounds like you need to use a more delicate setting and watch the spin cycle setting. Make sure you dry them flat as this helps.

  • Are the bed blankets full of black money?

    • Shh.

  • I launder through the pokies.

    • Wrong cleanin.

  • Washing machine on bulk mode.

    Or allegedly.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about what is the star wink wink nudge nudge

  • Take them to laundromat, their machines are very big and you can wash several doonas (I believe that's the Australian term for a feather/down blanket) at one go. They also have nice facilities to dry whatever you've washed.

    • Might need to taxi this then.

  • Get a Doona Cover. Put clean doona in cover. For washing, take cover off & wash cover only. Doona stays clean & much less bulk to wash.

    • -1

      From my experience both need washing or its pretty gross if you only wash the cover.

      I think I will try the washing machine one last time and if no success then will have to consider either a new machine or do the laundromat idea but getting them to town will be tricky as I use public transport and taxi in true ozb style.. I save about 50% to 75% per year compared to the expenses and initial purchase of a car.

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