Would You Pay More for an Upgraded Product than What You Need Because It Is Currently in Stock?

During Black Friday I was going to buy Lenovo Legion 5 Pro with 16Gb RAM, 512HDD, RTX 3060 6Gb for $1917.52:


However, because this config would take more than 8 weeks to deliver, I ended up buying the upgraded version and paid $2524.72 for it, a difference of $607.2, because it is in stock:


But I got 1TB vs 512Gb SDD, 32Gb vs 16GB RAM, RTX 3070 8Gb vs 3060 6Gb.

I don't think I need the upgraded version and was happy with the cheaper one. But it is just the delivery time is so long, I couldn't wait and was willing to pay more for getting the item I want now.

The question to you is, would you pay more for an upgraded product (that you don't need), if it is in stock now, and the item that you need is not available for say a couple of months? Or would you wait instead? Any examples?

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    Yes, I am willing to pay more for a better product than I need if it is in stock now. I cannot wait.
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    No, I will wait until the product I need is available.
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    I buy the better product now and sell it when I finally get the item I need in a few months.


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    Depends what product, how bad you need it, how you want to use it, etc.

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      Surely this option would have attracted the most votes

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    There are things that, if you have a better product, you might find a use for it. For eg, in your case, the bigger SSD - I think you'll probable eventually find a use for the extra space. That kind of thing, I would probably pay extra for to get it now.

    But then there are things that, having the upgraded version means nothing - such as an upgraded (higher capacity) dryer where the washing machine I've got is small and I'll never be able to fill it up. I woudn't pay extra for it because I'd never be able to use it.

    Having said that, if it's the case that the one I want is out of stock and they're trying to push me to an upgraded model, I'd be trying to push them to at least "meet me in the middle for the price difference".

    • the bigger SSD - I think you'll probable eventually find a use for the extra space

      This is the hard drive space corollary to Parkinson's Law - data expands to fill the space available.

  • I couldn't wait and was willing to pay more for getting the item I want now.

    Logically is right, emotionally isn’t.

    OP, you bought it, so you can move on.

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    Its a bit like saying, I bought a BMW because the Toyota I wanted was out of stock.

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    OzBargain Premium memberships were sold out, so now I am paying for OzBargain Premium Ultra membership.

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    About August last year I wanted the Lenovo Legion 5 15 AMD so much that I placed the order for one. No one in chat or email support or anywhere could give me even a rough ETA so I got sick of waiting around and spent almost $700 more on an Asus Zephyrus G14 with Ryzen 7 4800hs, GTX 1660TI and a 120hz 1080p display. I've never regretted it.

    This Legion Pro model you've got on the way looks unreal for about the same money as my G14 cost just over a year ago. That 16" 16:10 165hz g-sync display and an RTX 3070 will be excellent. I reckon you made the right call.

  • In your specific scenario, I think it's a great deal for only $600 extra, the 3070 upgrade, the additional 16GB ram and 512GB SSD is worth the increase imo. (I bought the normal Legion 5 3060 earlier this year for the price of the 5 Pro now, but no regrets!)

  • Depends on the situation but in your case I think you made a good choice. I'd done the same, but I DO want those improved specs.

  • Another great forum topic

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