JB Hi-Fi BYO Telstra Plan - Eligible for Telstra One Number? Smart Watch Cellular Service

Dear fellow ozbargainers,

short question: has anyone been on this plan and was able to get telstra one number service enabled AND able to use the cellular service on their apple watch on its own (obviously having the phone connected doesn't count)

long story/question:

i'm in dire need of advice, just wasted 2 and a half hours on telstra chat.

i'm currently on the JB Hi fi BYO 12 month contract telstra plan, signed this up last December and its about to expire, bought myself a iphone 13 + apple watch series 7 gps + cellular earlier last week, soon as i got it i signed up to telstra one number service ( the $5 a month to get the cellular service on another device - smart watch) but until today i never really tested the watch's ability to use cellular service. when i signed up to TON everything was tick tick tick and even my AP shows under mobile data - telstra - connected, so i assumed it worked.

today i bought myself a pair of air pod pro and wanted to pair it to my watch and go for jog, the whole idea is so i don't have to take the brick with me and can run around free willy style, the airpods connected to watch quickly enough but when i tried playing music it wasn't feeding anything through, going into my AP -mobile data - as above everything was normal showing telstra and connected at the bottom. but no music, so obviously i tried to make a call/ receive call, no luck. then realise in my AP watch despite ^ settings was showing telstra/ connected, the cellular/ antenna icon never showed green.

so i jumped on telstra chat 3 hours ago explaining my problem, and the staff said that the jb hifi BYO plan is ineligible for telstra one number service and guaranteed if i switch to a "telstra plan" it would work, so for god knows how long we were going through the switch, until right at the end i was told there was a termination fee despite advising at the start there wasn't going to be, the staff did apologise and seemed genuine so i left it at that (did try to ask if they can just waive termination fee given the crap i had to go through, no luck) what didn't make sense is if the plan isn't eligilbe for TON why am i able to sign up for it and why is my AP showing its connected in mobile data? and with the inclusion of termination fee i got less and less confident to proceed and decided to pull out to research a little more.

has anyone had above experience? has anyone used this plan and was able to get TON to WORK on their AP and actually use cellular service on their watch (again ON ITS OWN, with iphone connected doesn't count)

forever grateful for any feedback

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    I am currently on the 12 month contract with telstra signed up through jbhifi. I also added telstra one when i bought galaxy watch recently as part of watch setup process. No issue. Music, calls and gps all works fine.

    • no disrespect, but you've tried this without your phone around right? aaargh what are the chances its the A.P… btw how long have you had your plan for?

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        Yeah, i leave without my phone when i take a walk. My contract expires in about 4 months, bought the watch about 5 weeks ago.

        • thanks mate, i'm stuffed

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    Termination fee should be minuscule considering it's almost Dec.. Try booking an appointment at a Telstra store, it's so much easier getting what you want in-person.

    See also: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/32kvpnw9

    • yeah you are right, the termination fee is like 50 bux which i'm willing to fork out, but the lady on the chat just built no confidence, she repeated non stop of a pre script, and clearly had no idea how cellular on smart watch worked, from time to time she said once i've had telstra one number enabled i'll be able to connect my iphone to my apple watch - fml wtf i'm almost tempted to share the chat here but it'll give you all cancer from reading

      • lol yeah if I were you I'd just fork out the 50 bucks or wait it out or go into a store. the chat support is rather abysmal.

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        If you’re so close to termination fee I’d just port and sign up for another JB plan in a month. Get $400 voucher etc. you can definitely add a Telstra One number I reckon you just got a melon of an online chat rep.

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    hi everyone, i'd like to give an update. i'm gonna sound so stupid but it is what it is.

    this morning i rang telstra to unrestrict my pairing ability to the watch ( i paired and unpaired the TON to my watch so many times to try resolve this it gave me a error saying i've had too many attmepts and need to call telstra to unlock it, which made sense)

    got on the phone i think by a fella named sanjay, tbh he sounded quite new as well, but was polite and did what he can, he manage to resolve my first inquiry which was to restrict my number in order for me to repair my watch to TON ( which i've never had any issue). once again once i was able to pair i was seeing no cellular service, i read some where last night people manage to fix this issue by resetting their phone and watch, so i told sanjay i'll try that before going into a store and go on a rampage. Sanjay advice me to keep the phone on but step 10metres plus away from the phone and see if it works, i didn't believe him and don't see the point of that if i plane mode my phone and the watch won't work then that doesn't really prove the watch works, right? got off the phone put my phone on one end of the house and ran out the door and checked my watch……….. green bars. turns out the phone needs to receive service in order for the watch to receive service, hence whenver i plane the phone or turn it off the watch never received service despite constantly showing it was linked to TON… and of course if i search it now on apple i get:

    "To receive SMS, MMS or push notifications from third-party apps on your cellular Apple Watch, your paired iPhone must be turned on and connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, but it doesn't need to be nearby. You also need to be signed in to iMessage on your iPhone."

    so if anyone not technical or understands how cellular service work like me, you have to have the phone on and receiving service in order for your watch to remotely receive the service. thanks sanjay, and thanks everyone for the quick feedback

    gonna go for a jog with da new pods and watch

    • Hey Lawlieta, thanks for the tip that's really good to know. I also find it fiddly with cellular. When I go for a run the music streams fine from the phone but as I get further from the phone it loses connection and doesn't handover to watch cellular cleanly and requires lots of fiddling with the settings (just hitting play from the watch doesn't work). So what I normally do is switch off phone bluetooth and watch wifi to force the watch onto cellular first.

  • annnd just realise youtube music isn't compatible….. guess i'll have to sign up to apple music sigh.

    • Soundcloud is free+ads, good if you like discovering new music.

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