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For the fellow ozbargainers who use TPG's NBN50 plan which is $69.99 (+$10 for the optional phone line), could you please share your experiences in terms of what real world speeds you guys actually get on everyday usage? I know people who have seen that when using speedtest sites such as Ookla, most of the time Optus exceeds the 50 and usually hits around 54Mbps. What speeds do you guys get on TPG on the speedtests?

Also, for anyone using the modem that is included that they provide, how does that modem perform?


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    49 down, 19 up. NBN FTTP. Using my own router as the one supplied didn't have sufficient range for the property

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    52 down 17-18 up. FTTP. Using the supplied VR1600v as my house is open enough maintain these speeds throughout with the exception of the master bedroom which relies on mesh.

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    52 down 19 up with the supplied VR1600v

  • 24.4 down 13.3 up, on my laptop in a room directly above the wifi modem.

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    49-52 down, 17-18 up most of the day but gets a bit sketchy at peak period around 8-10pm. PC is connected directly via LAN however Wifi across 2 bedrooms is not great.

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    Depends on time and day for me. Yesterday afternoon was woeful: about 16 down and up. Now Monday morning: 52 down 19 up. VR1600v. Bedroom has poor signal so ran an access point from router to there.

  • tpg seems to say that they also provide the TP-Link VX420-G2v. Does anyone know if this is any better than the VR1600v which seems to be pretty substandard?

    • Should be better yes

  • I am unsing the VR1600V DOWNLOAD Mbps
    UPLOAD Mbps

    WIFI next to moderm

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