Unsolicited Offer (eBay) Request for Funds

I try to always be cautious of scams "however" after searching for items in black Friday sales and considering deals.

I was looking into a product with not much intentions of buying more curiosity than anything when I received an offer from the seller for the item I had looked at. It had a significant saving and said the offer was sent to multiple people but only a few would receive the deal. The discount offered was from $1889 down to $1149.

The eBay email states

Because you viewed this item, here's a special offer.
A few other interested buyers also received this offer – it won't last long. Hurry and take advantage right away!
Offer: AU $1,149.00

Offer valid

I purchased and paid immediately and within about 5mins received an eBay message from seller

Hi my friend, sorry that there is a bug on Ebay for this order. It should be $1849.

Could you place another order for $ 700? I am so sorry for the inconvenience

I know I am never likely to get what I paid for but what would others do? Mostly do you leave negative feedback

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    Accept cancelling order immediately no feedback rating.
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    Leave Feedback buyer beware and move on with refund.
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    Try and get eBay to enforce the sale.
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    MS paint diagram needed.
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    Is that you Pam

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    Typo by seller, trying to write it off as an eBay bug. Cancel sale, and if you feel the $40 is a worthwhile discount, execute a new transaction.

    I've got those offers via watching before, template text, even when I was the sole watcher.

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    Looks like the seller put in the incorrect amount when sending out the offer.
    Pretty dodgy asking for the $700 after the sale.
    Best to get a refund and move on

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    They're a scammer, hoping you'll settle for it anyway. Report to eBay.

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    finding new ebay scams now… one was a new user that sent a fake tracking number/one from a post bag, but never posted. Feedback had about five more people saying that nothing was sent. I'd cancel and read the feedback. Maybe even search for the item to see if it is a bigger scam.

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    Tell them to cancel transaction (so it goes on their account record, and make sure the reason isn't "buyer wanted to cancel"), report to eBay for bait and switch, leave appropriate feedback.

  • I wouldnt have believed it in the first place…

  • Thanks everyone I have requested they cancel order but not use excuse that buyer wished to cancel as pegaxs suggested. I contacted eBay to report the business in case this is a regular tactic.

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