Cheapest Place to Buy Spark Plugs for Lawn Mower

What's a cheap place/way to buy mower spark plugs?

Champion CJ8, RCJ8, J19LM, RJ19LM that kind of thing. ebay has them from about $7, Bunnings $8… Repco has J19LM for $5.40…

These are all retail stores so there must be even cheaper places?


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    Are you serious? I could understand if you needed 8 Iridium plugs, as they can run up around $20+ each… but $5.40 for a single mower plug… Have you tried to get them to price beat it at Bunnings?

    Or, if you want, Aliexpress has them for about $0.70 each…

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      This gotta be the OP.

      He needs to replace 8 spark plugs at a time so those few cents he is trying to save do add up. Makes total sense of this post.

      • I pick up free/cheap small engines like mowers, service/get them running, resell cheap to cover the parts and get people a cheap mower. So I need to get things cheap to make it possible for me and them. New governor springs, starter pull cord, spark plug, air filter and gasket, primer bulb, fuel lines (which are the usual things causing problems), sometimes carby diaphragms, plus fresh oil and some fuel… and the cost is getting up there. The price of these is just silly since I used to do it a few years ago. So I'm trying cheaper sources for most of this stuff to see what the quality is like and if I can get it back into viable territory. None of it has arrived yet and spark plugs is the last thing I haven't found cheaper. I figure if a pricey store like Repco is selling them for $5.40, there must be a source that's cheaper again.

    • Yeah saw Aliexpress… but who knows what the quality is like.

  • CJ8 is $4.90 here but shipping probably kills the deal.

    • Yeah I've seen a few like that … good price but then shipping ruins it. I was going to buy a Bosch for about $5.30 at Repco, but then read people in car forums saying they're rubbish, Champion is a little better but about $3 more, and said NGK is good but I haven't them low cost anywhere.

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        It's a lawn mower not a high performance car would it even matter?

        • Maybe not. I'm trying out several cheap parts, just waiting for them arrive. But I don't want the person who buys it (see new message further up) have to buy a new sparkplug soon after taking it home. And surely if Repco are selling them at $5.40 there must a cheaper source again. Just need to find it.

    • Oh wait… I just added 10x $4.90 NGK BR2LM to the cart to see how much for shipping and it's free. If I can't find cheaper this might be it. Thanks! :-)

      • Website says free regular postage $49 or >

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    The best prices are from your local small business mower shop. Keep him in business so the day that you really need him he is still there. He might have a seasonal opening for an assistant too.

  • bought two cj8s last week from big w on clearance marked $4 something each but rang up for $2 something each

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