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[PC] Call of Duty Vanguard $74.95 (Was $99) @ Battle.net


Due to COD no longer being on steam, deals have been far and few between for PC gamers. This is is cheapest ever price for Vanguard (Cold war only just hit $50.)

This deal is for Cyber Monday, will only be this price until tomorrow.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Paid 99 for this at launch. Man I miss price matching Big W COD launch prices at EB Games (Around $30 difference). PC battlenet COD prices are ludicrous barely any sales.

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      Yep, I was just saying this to a mate on discord the other day. Never paid over $70 for a cod until now.

      Dick Smith, Big W, Target, JB HiFI etc all carried me through from Mw2 till Black Ops 4.

      • last week you could get this game for 40 bucks lol on consoles for one day lol.

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          Yeah, unfortunately us PC bros have only one place to buy it.

          • @Fooah: BF 2042 PC version has a retail box at many different stores not sure why they haven't done with with the PC version of Vanguard. They are for some reason trying to control the pricing on the PC version of Vanguard.

            • @kungfuman: It's a joke. I went from console the PC in the last year and the prices are so much worse.

    • how is the single player by the way?

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        Watch the Angry Joe review on Youtube

      • -3

        lol I still find it funny people play COD for its single player. You guys are a dying breed, but power to you guys. I haven't played a COD single play since Advanced warfare.

      • The single player campaign sucks. I gave up after about 4 missions. I think the cut scenes are longer than the actual mission. However Multiplayer is crazy.. not great but better than Battlefield 2042.

      • I watched Jackfrags play it and I thought it was quite good actually. Some of the dialogue between characters is really good while parts of it are pain-inducingly cringe, especially some of the Australian dialogue. IMO the best campaign since BO2.

    • If you are sick of the bullshit practices, vote with your wallet. Maybe find some indi games to play instead.

  • I decided to watch game play before purchase and didn't like how fast the spawn-to-kill time is. It felt like 10-15 seconds play and you're dead and instant re-spawn. Didn't look like fun at all.

    Hoping the Warzone map will be better.

    • yeah they have like 1 map on Vanguard that seems to be played.

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    Thanks OP - bought with credit card with price protection

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    Would love to get this on PC, but the pricing is just so unwelcoming. Probably just continue waiting on a deep-deep sale for console.

    • 100% agree this game should be priced at 50 bucks.

      • Yeah it's ridiculous. They're still flogging MW 2019 for $45 on "sale" when it's two years old already.

        • on console I remember this being like 10 bucks during this time last year lol.

  • Up to 25% off through November 29

    is this U.S time? or Australian time?

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