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LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 $244.99 Delivered @ Myer


One day deal only. Lowest price at the moment.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Yah found a grt 1 m8 :)

  • -3

    How many did you get pop. I bought 10

  • Got one before it sells out.

  • Thanks got one.

  • Thanks, great price. Got one.

    • Was your order honoured? Mine was accepted, then ruthlessly cancelled by Myer this evening, claiming it’s out of stock.

      • Yes was delivered.

  • -3

    This is like peek r/consoom

  • Looking at the Lego there a lot of sets are worthy of a deal .

  • +1

    Nice probably more expensive than when it first came out?

    • +2

      More expensive than the original NES when it came out back in the 80s too

      • Yeah but this baby is doubled themed with Lego and Nintendo .

        • +3

          Good point!
          Now, better make sure I get the PAL version 😂

          • +1

            @Z80: 1 Other thing you won't wreck your eyes playing it .

  • +3

    At that price, i'd almost expect a working game system inside it…

    • +2

      Buy the Pacman Monopoly when it on a decent special for about $17 and you get a cheap a$$ LCD game with it ;)

  • +3

    I have this lego set. I tried to build the console twice and each time I had done something wrong and had to re-start (problem was deep within the build.)

    I assume I'm really, really bad at following lego instructions -_-

    • re-start

      Replay value the true NES experience.

      • hahahahaha the REAL value is I have now refused to buy any more lego until I fix this current engineering dilemma :)
        so hours of extra fun, and immunity to some amazing bargains that would of been an insta-buy normally, haha

  • Dang. I thought ~$260 with myhobbies would be the lowest it got. Oh well.

    • +1

      I grabbed one from that sale thinking the same thing. Was a little crushed seeing this drop. I even thought about trying to cancel and reorder from Myer. But the pain of having to try do that just doesn't seem worth it so like you said, oh well. Still a deal, I suppose.

  • +1

    I want this but I have no room for the lego I've already got.

  • Noticed Cashrewards to go 40% off today at MYER 10am promo just popped up.

    • +1

      Home, fashion, "more".

      You'd think if it involved toys they'd lead with that.

    • +1

      If 40% I couldn't control myself .
      4% I can :)

      • Sorry all - just saw my typo, the Cashrewards email promo says 20%… and yeh "Home, fashion and more" sounds underwhelming for Toys.

    • +2

      Toys & Games 10% (10% with Max)

  • +2

    If you are looking to collect these, as in a pristine box, this isn't it. Mine had massive debts from where they put the security device on

    • +3

      So how much is still owing on those massive debts? :-P

      • +1

        Haha 5.30am still half blind 😂 just thought I'd check Ozb because fomo. Back to sleep!

    • *dents

  • Guess I'll wait an hour to CR and hope it doesn't sell out.

    • I think your safe till 10 am but after this is going crazy :)

  • +1

    cant resist, 4% is still better than 20% off of the RRP.

  • can't believe millennium falcon was only $900, kicking myself for not being awake at the time. NES deal is great too though so not all hope is lost

    • What? When was Millennium Falcon $900? Last I looked it was like 1200, 1300. Damn that would have been super tempting.

      • +1

        at about 3am it fully sold out on the Myer website :'(

        • Oh what? Was it posted on ozbargain? The night when I am not up late browsing! So Myer had some great lego deals?

          • @JL1: not posted up on ozbargain, but it was part of Myer's cyber Monday sales. you can actually see when it came out of stock on the brick hawk website if you're a patron for them. Myer also had mos eisley for 370 & a couple other sets for a historic Myer low. I made the mistake of assuming the Black Friday "sales" would continue over to today as well. didn't anticipate them changing it up on cyber Monday oops

    • There was no stock

      • that makes me feel a lot better thanks

  • Oh no, I didn't bring my 28 degrees to work! Noooooo!

  • +1

    Use the CHEDDAR app and get 40% maximum $40 cash rebate on top on this purchase. If you lucky enough to register earlier with this app, you have additional $50 cashback for welcome bonus. So the price would be $244.99 -$40-$50 =$154.99 which I’ve just purchased.

  • Looks like OOS.

  • LOL out of stock 3 minutes before 10am

  • +1

    Yeah made the mistake of waiting until 10am. Got greedy there, should have known better and just take 4% cashback 1 hour ago. Sigh, missed out again. :(

    Feel like I missed the best chance there was to get it.

  • If you build this with your gf/bf/SO, this is the millennial version of "building IKEA furniture/going tandem canoeing".

    Still building it with mine and I think this has made us better as a couple XD

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Got one.

    • -1

      not with 10% cashback though

      • Why buy it without it :)

    • Was your order honoured? Mine was accepted, then ruthlessly cancelled by Myer this evening, claiming it’s out of stock.

      • Yes, I received a notification that my order is on its way on Tuesday this week and I also received a notification from Aus Post.

      • Mine arrived yesterday after a delay in routing.

  • And gone :)

  • +1

    Weird…I was able to just purchase one. I had one in my cart already and just kept refreshing until it let me proceed to payment. Fingers crossed cashrewards tracked. I made sure to reactivate before proceeding with payment.

    • Just got my order has been received email. So, hopefully all goes well now.

      • Lucky you, I had it in my cart too from before it sold out. Tried to check out through cashrewards anyway at 10am but didn't work. Didn't try to keep refreshing though. Just stopped after checking a few times.

        • I'll be lucky if/when it gets delivered!

          I managed to click fast enough before the website changed the Add to cart to Out of stock and greyed, and there's one in my cart now. However, no matter how many times I refresh now, I can't get it to proceed to payment, so it must be well and truly out of stock.

    • -1

      Was your order honoured? Mine was accepted, then ruthlessly cancelled by Myer this evening, claiming it’s out of stock.

      • Damn that's not giving me hope. Did you order via Myer or eBay?

        • eBay.

          • @JeBs: Ah I reckon they didn't update their inventory on their eBay shop then. Silly buggers.

  • -2

    Will probably get a bunch of neg votes but man is this thing overrated AF!


    • -1

      Appreciate your opinion, however incorrect it may be. I never really bought into the sale of nostalgia (i.e. the Game and Watch range) but I personally think this set is pretty good.

      Will also be getting the Mario 64 ? cube too if it becomes available at retail shops.

      Edit For the record, I didn't neg.

    • +2

      Curious to know what makes it overrated in your opinion? As far as LEGO set design goes, it's pretty up there in terms of engineering and parts usage. It's also got good playability and a bunch of nice little Easter eggs (like SMB World 1-2 and the LEGO Mario compatibility).

      Maybe game console nostalgia doesn't float your boat?

      No judgement (neg wasn't me either). Just curious.

  • lol I saw this and was like "how the (profanity) are they selling a NES for $250 in 2021" before realising it's actually a Lego NES. I don't know if that makes it better or worse.

  • +1

    Pssst…..it's just been dropped in price on eBay. More than 10 available.


    Potential cancellation, but worth a try if you really want this one.

    • I'll wait for 16% cash back at 7pm tonight

      • Good luck mate.

        • Now for him to pray that it's restocked!

  • +1

    For those who missed out, still available from their eBay Store

    • Thanks mate, I missed out on it earlier!

      • Was your order honoured? Mine was accepted, then ruthlessly cancelled by Myer this evening, claiming it’s out of stock.

        • Cancelled as well :(

  • I was still able to order as I already had it in my cart from early this morning…let see what happens and if the 10% cashback will work track also.

    • Ah I had it in cart too but it just said out of stock, remove from cart. Didn't try to keep refreshing like the previous poster though.

      • Reopen the page and you have half a second to add it to your 'bag'. If you're quick enough to click the button you'll be able to checkout.
        I was successful in doing so on this deal

  • I had it in my cart and also tried your method this morning to add to cart but both times I couldn't complete check out. It's added to cart but after putting in details it says it is out of stock. I've tried many times since then :(

  • +2

    Just had my order for this lego set cancelled by Myer. I’m wondering if anyone else had their order cancelled, and if so, at what time did you place your order? Extremely unethical and also illegal, should they be advertising items in stock on eBay that clearly aren’t.

    Will never be purchasing from Myer again as they simply cannot be trusted.

    • Lol Myer is notorious for cancelling

    • I'm a mug I didn't take the further 10% off floor stock yesterday .

    • +1

      I got an order is delayed email. Hope they source something…

      • I got one of those emails as well.

        • I got a tracking number on my AusPost account from Myer, so I think it's been shipped. Haven't received email notification yet though.

  • Just got shipping notification

  • Mine arrived in perfect condition earlier this week, sent from a local store apparently. The Lego box was wrapped well in bubble wrap withing a decent Myer shipping box.

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