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Spend $199, Get $50 off @ Amart Furniture


Spend $199 and receive $50 off.
Online Only sale.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Amart Furniture

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  • How does the quality of the furniture here compare to other brands?

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      About the same as ikea

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        Had a look around - definitely more expensive than Ikea, and if quality is the same, will stick with the Swedish meatball company.

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          worse than ikea …

          bought a dining table from there a few years ago, three different people had three different chairs collapse under them … not safe, not well built …

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            @weezlebub: I agree, bad quality and high price furniture. I got the package deal including dining table and the chair collapsed while I was sitting and I had return everything. Won't recommend.

    • on par with other subpar Aussie furniture stores; nothing unusual here. yeah a bit expensive compared to Ikea. Some outdoor tables are cheaper and popular though

  • Any experts or people that know about mattresses, of these two (in Single King size), which is better?

    1. https://www.amartfurniture.com.au/pure-form-hera-68739.html

    2. https://www.mydeal.com.au/advanced-latex-euro-top-pocket-spr...

    It looks like a no brainer to go with the MyDeal offer here right? What's the deal with these MyDeal mattresses and their insanely low prices. 34cm depth mattresses are like $1000+ at the very least locally. Why are they so cheap on MyDeal? They seem to have a significant amount of positive reviews too.

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      Have had a similar mydeal mattress for approx 2yrs and still going strong.

      Only regret was not getting a firmer one, but otherwise decent.

  • Wondering the quality of their "gaming chairs" anyone have any experience?

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      My personal opinion from years of trying different chairs. Office chairs & ergonomic chairs from Officeworks are the best, and nothing beats their warranty and how easy they are to deal with if something goes wrong with the chair a year or two down the line, they literally have 8 years warranty on some of the chairs.

  • and free delivery too for me over $199 after discount

    • How did you get free delivery? I live 5 minutes from my nearest store and it's showing $88 for me. My cart is also over $199.

      • turns out you need to buy only the online exclusive products… sorry

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    Beware of the price jack. I've been monitoring the price of a couch I ordered last month, price has jumped $200 since Saturday. $600 higher than what we paid in late October.

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      ok this should be upvoted. WTF.

    • The going price and RRP also jumps around if you change store

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    jacked the price up, doggy as f. I'm watching the double bed price, It goes up $50 now.

  • The cart is super buggy. Sometimes it lets me stack the $50 with free shipping, other times it doesn't. Makes no sense but it's really pushing me away from buying.

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