Synology DS1621xs Initial Setup Strategy with 4 HDD

Just want to know how many people are utilizing or knowledgeable about Synology NAS, Is anyone using Raid 5 and SHR or Raid 6 and SHR2 with 12T 4 Hard drives setup. Which one is better in term of speed for www login works. I will be using DS1621 for surveillance system monitoring and backups for 8 cameras which current is on NVR with 1TB HDD, another is all movies and video files to be accessed from internet outside local network, super fast speed if it is possible.
I am trying to building up 10GB speed for this NAS as well. So these are all thoughts and machine is arriving soon.


  • I guess you are talking about the DS1621xs+

    just note this version does not support SHR (dumb right).

  • Wow. So only leave raid option?

    What does everyone choose in this model if SHR and SHR2 not supported. Add all six bays is full and then doing Raid6? Raid 6 or Raid 10…

  • yea raid 6

    if they want SHR

    ive been going with ds1621+ and putting a 10GB card in it.

    cpu is a little worse but you get SHR

  • Received the delivery of the machine and hard drives yesterday, but still waiting for extension 8 GB ram to arrive, is it better to wait and install 16gb ram then start setting up dsm7 or just do the setting with one 8 GB ram and add on one later?
    Also 2 ssd caches still are one the way too.
    Raid 6 sounds good to me. Do you have suggestion on 10 GB switch with more ports RJ45 connection? I don’t want rackmount one, desktop use.

  • doesnt matter when you put the ram in you gonna need to do a memory check anyways.

    sorry no idea for a RJ45 10GB switch, we use SFP+ fibre cables for all 10GB stuff

    Enjoy ya new NAS its a beast

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