When Do I Get The Boost $50 Voucher?

I was on the legacy $150 Boost Mobile plans before they changed it over to the new $200 plan. In the email, it was said that I should be getting a $50 voucher for the first recharge. Does anyone know when this will be sent out? Will it be a couple of days before the expiry of my plan?

Can't seem to get through to Boost support.


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  • I call them on the day I renew and they asked me to pay the $200 and refund the $50 on the same day.

  • When you recharge through the app or the website, the $50 voucher will automatically be applied to the $200 plan.

  • I got that email and a text alert, yet the transfer to the new plans failed - and it was just after my old plan expired. I was having none of it, and luckily Telstra gave me a free plan to use in the meantime.

    I'm so done with Boost. Nothing works (looking at both their apps in particular).

  • Never Got it & Ported out

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