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$10 off Your Meals When You Pay with Payo @ Payo


Australia's first eat now, pay later app is offering $10 off your meals today for Cyber Monday!

Download payo on the app store and head into our app now to redeem your code via the Promo Money section.

*Hurry! Vouchers are limited to the first 500 users only.

Our Cyber Monday promo code is active until 11:59 pm today, Monday, 29 November 2021.

Happy dining! 🍽

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$10 Payo Money

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • "$10 off Cyber Mondays 24hrs only!"

    What, on everything for everyone?

  • +4

    Geez our kids are going to have an interesting future with all this credit if they're not careful… Eat now, pay later… Wow… I must be getting old :)

    • -3

      Yes, no one has ever used a credit card to pay for dinner. It’s those out of control kids who don’t understand that you should never take on debt for entertainment expenses.

      Things have been going downhill ever since Millenials invented the Diners Club Card in 1950.

      • Yes, no one has ever used a credit card to pay for dinner.

        Getting a credit card isn't as simple as downloading an app. Also, it would difficult to get countless credit cards without flags being raised. Compared to these apps.

    • Just signed up and found out the app has 2 option modes for you to sign up. One is signing up to get $1000 credit (which I assume let’s you pay in instalments) and the other is signing up without the $1000 credit but just access the deals on the app.

      Pretty neat feature if you don’t want BNPL.

  • +2

    Went to 2 restaurants other day in Melbourne asking if Payo is accepted (listed in Payo app) but they told its not working.

    • Which restaurants?

      • Cafe Blahnik is one. Forgot other one.

    • Would be great if OP addressed this.

  • +3

    Bold of you to assume I know what Payo is.

    • It's yet another way for idiots to go into debt for frivolous purchases.

    • Hahahahah :)

  • thanks op got my $10. i guess once added to account you can use it anytime and it doesnt expire?

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