How Do I Know if My Vic Traffic Violation Fine Has Been Forgiven?

Hello all,

I received a speeding fine 4th Nov 2021. But due to the birth of my son and moving houses, I did not check the letter box at my rental house as soon as I could.

After checking it around 15th Nov, I realised I could ask for the fee to be waived as I was doing less than 10kph over the limit and this was my first fine ever.

I sent them the letter and I have not heard back anything.

Can I call them to verify?


Update: Thanks for all your responses. I just called them and they said they have not received it yet. I told them I need to pay this by Dec 2nd and asked what are my options. They told me to go here ( and fill out the form and I should be fine as long as it is done before Dec 2nd.


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    Why not call them? haha

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    How Do I Know if My Vic Traffic Violation Fine Has Been Forgiven?

    The first thing to do is contact Australia's foremost bargain forum.

  • you can check it on the VicRoads webpage.

    "My Account ==> Licences & Learner Permits"

    It will show your demerit points which after all this time you would expect to either be there or not :P However calling them also works

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    I forgive you

  • Camel caps are not for thread titles.

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    Congrats on your new child.

    Just wait out. If they send you another notice, call them.

    Make sure you have records you sent that letter

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    Good to see somebody has confidence into Victoria. Congrats to the family addition!

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