eBay APBF25 Cannot Apply to The Item with PLBF20

I found some items in this Black Friday sales have the PLBF20 available but cannot use APBF25, which seems to be strange.
Regardless of price, items from the same seller, same category, 1 can use APBF25 and another can only apply PLBF20. Afterpay is selected as payment method.

Examples from the same store:
APBF25: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254667948457
PLBF20 only: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254654293777

Another PLBF20 only:

Does anyone know the rule behind?

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  • Another PLBF20 only:

    Holy moly Brake Fluid 1 L for AU $129.95 ?

    Must be real freak to be buying that

    • That's a racing brake fluid but still compatible with DOT4 fluid, best in class if you know deeply into that category… I consider it for my track day use with my rotor > 400C, of course fluid will be much cooler than that but still safety first. ~$93 after ebay cashback later today.

      The point is not the product itself, it's why APBF25 cannot be applied to some items with PLBF20, where it should be a direct replacement with afterpay selected.

      • Mate why dont you just buy Dot5.1 Brake fluid, Costed me like $5 @ repco

        • Many racing/track focus brake fluid products have much higher dry & wet boiling point (~320C dry; ~205 wet) than DOT5.1(270C dry; 190 wet) products.
          They cannot mark themselves as DOT5.1 as their low temp viscosity does not meet DOT5.1 standard. They trade it for much higher boiling point, which can be considered as an insurance if you push hard on race track. I simply cannot pay for any risk of brake failure when reaching the end of main straight at 200km/h

          I do agree SRF is very expensive even after discount. I'm using Redline RL-600 at the moment for half of the price but seem to be last shorter time, i.e. need flush more frequently. SRF is a very special product which absorbs water in a much lower rate than others due to its formula. If you do not go track day, $5 DOT4/5.1 is all your need, exactly what I did for my family car.

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